This is the form of the apocalypse that occurs in stars, scientists call it a supernova

PRIANGAN ZONE – Scientists recently stood witnessing a series of cosmic catastrophes – the end of the life cycle of a Star. For the first time in human history, doomsday a Star (known as supernova) was witnessed by scientists. Researchers from Northwestern University and the University California got a special ticket to watch supernova the. […]

Where Does Earth’s Oxygen Come From?

About 21 percent of Earth’s atmosphere consists of oxygen. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA—Currently, around 21 percent Earth’s atmosphere consists of oxygen. But the planet’s atmosphere Earth takes time to develop to his current breathing state. Reported from Science Alert, Sunday (16/1/2022), the earliest gas mixtures to form a thick layer around our cooling planet about 4.6 billion […]

Astronomers Find Strange Planets, Shaped Like Rugby Balls

JAKARTA, – A team astronomer studying exoplanets found with similar shapes was rugby. The team guessed the shape planet this is caused by the strong tidal force of the parent star. The planet, discovered in 2014 is called WASP-103b and is about 1,530 light-years from Earth. It orbits its star in less than an […]

Whoops! RI’s Underwater Core Tilt, Terrible Effect?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A study found the earth’s core under Indonesia tilted. This is because the dense iron core in the center of the Earth grows faster under the Banda Sea. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of California Seismologists, Berkeley, United States (US). The study added that the Earth’s core […]

Astronomers find strange exoplanets, what do they look like? page all – If usually planet round shaped like a ball, not with exoplanet a new giant that tends to be more like a rugby ball. Launch CNN, Wednesday (12/1/2022) the planet named WASP-103b it is one of the very hot planets, and is about 1,225 light years from Earth in the constellation Hercules. According to […]

January 18 There is a Large Asteroid Approaching Earth, Dangerous? – A large asteroid will reportedly fly past Earth on January 18th. The asteroid is estimated to be one kilometer (3,451 feet) wide. The size is clearly large for a space object. The asteroid even when compared in size is said to be comparable to the size of twice the Empire State Buildings or […]

Study: Martian Meteorites Contain Organic Molecules, But Not Evidence of Life

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A new study reveals that organic molecules found in meteorite Mars landing on Earth is not a sign of life, but rather formed in a chemical reaction between water and rock on the Red Planet about 4 billion years ago. The findings could shed light on the origins of the building blocks […]

NASA is wary of three asteroids crossing the Earth today, most notably 2022 AG

NewsBulukumba – Three asteroid pass Earth today is Friday January 14, 2022. Ascending The Sun on Thursday 13 January 2022, NASA publish that trio asteroid it sped up at speeds of up to 9000 miles per hour. Of course the three giant space rocks are expected to pass at a safe distance. Also Read: Pentagon […]

Environment is on the timetable in Krefeld

Jan 12, 2022 at 2:56 p.m Education in Krefeld : Maria Montessori School: Environment is even on the timetable Amelie Schöller, Anna-Sophie Gutmann and teacher Christina Schmidt are committed to the environment at the Maria Montessori School in Krefeld. The certificate was presented by Marie Goebel (left) and Claudia Schlösser (right), with Headmaster Gabriele Vogt […]

Giant Asteroid Passing Near Earth

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — a Asteroid a giant the size of the National Monument (Monas) is reported to have passed near the Earth. The asteroid, which has the name 2013 YD38, has a length of 104 meters and passes at a distance of 5.6 million kilometers from Earth. Although the distance seems far, the United […]