JN.1 Variant and Holiday Respiratory Virus Update: New York Health Authority Gives Health Recommendations

JN.1 Variant and Holiday Respiratory Virus Update: New York Health Authority Gives Health Recommendations

Just as crowds of people will gather in the coming days to be with friends and family during the holidays, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that the trend will be “more hospitalizations and visits to emergency rooms.” There are a trio of respiratory viruses that are circulating: The new variant of … Read more

Vaccination against Covid-19: The use of the “Modern” vaccine has grown significantly in Latvia

The use of “Modern” vaccine against Covid-19 for the first vaccines has significantly increased in Latvia this week, according to the data of the National Health Service (NSS). Four Covid-19 vaccines are currently approved for use in the European Union: Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson or Janssen. Of the two-dose vaccines … Read more

Police officers caught drinking in service subject to disciplinary proceedings

Disciplinary proceedings were launched against two agents of the Lisbon municipal police, after they were filmed, by a TVI team, on a terrace drinking beer, in uniform and on duty, at the Santa Catarina viewpoint in Lisbon. The two policemen were drinking a beer when at their side they had several young people drinking alcohol … Read more

CDMX police prevent youth suicide with COVID-19

This Wednesday, police of the Mexico City managed to avoid the suicide of a young man with coronavirus COVID-19 in the Mayor Álvaro Obregón. The rescued tried to throw himself from the rooftop of a hospital. To avoid possible contagion, uniformed they wore masks, mouth cover and latex gloves. This is how the events happened … Read more

Call for removal of New York Health Commissioner

Two Queens councilors describe managing the coronavirus crisis as “disastrous” NY.- The Commissioner of Health from New York City, Dr. Oxiris Barbot, is on the bench transcended this Sunday. Councilors Robert Holden Y Eric Ulrichthey sent a letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio in which they demand the removal of the commissioner, arguing that her … Read more

Study reveals possible new symptoms of coronavirus, and have nothing to do with a cold

Throughout these weeks when the COVID-19 coronavirus has spread throughout the world, the symptoms of the disease have been widely disseminated by the various media. Nevertheless, A study revealed possible new symptoms of the coronavirus, and they have nothing to do with a cold.. Experts from various Chinese health agencies found that almost half of … Read more

How long does the coronavirus survive on different surfaces?

Given the ease with which the coronavirus COVID-19 is spread from person to person, the only alternative we have to take care of our health is to take extreme hygiene measures. In addition to washing hands thoroughly and frequently, it is necessary to disinfect places of repeated contact, such as tables, doorknobs, handles, switches, keyboards, … Read more