Tobby Addison: How A TikTok Creator Shows The Life of Blind People & Overcomes Adversity

Tobby is one of the pretty popular creators on the social network TikTok, but he’s not nearly as famous as some of the others. His videos are very specific, in them he shows how blind people live and how he himself copes with this adversity. The video, in which he describes his experience at the … Read more

Peruvian National Police Dismantle Criminal Organization for Illegally Appropriating Real Estate

The Peruvian National Police (PNP) dismantled the criminal organization “Los trafas de las ventas inmobiliarios”, dedicated to the illegal appropriation of real estate belonging to people who have died or who are abroad. The intervention occurred in Rímac when a woman was going to pay S/80 thousand for the purchase of a property. “I was … Read more

in Aktau, residents of a high-rise building complained about the danger of its collapse

Residents of house 45 in microdistrict 26 sent a video to the editorial office, the footage of which shows how pieces of concrete fell from the ceiling in the entrance hall on the 9th floor. People fear that someday children will suffer from this. – Yesterday, on May 25, a piece of concrete fell from … Read more

Outraged Russian women ask Putin to remove mosque from their high-rise building extension

Earlier, the inhabitants of the same Russian town recorded a video petition to the dictator Putin with a request to save them from the dominance of the Tajiks. A group of women from Kotelniki near Moscow continues to unsuccessfully appeal to Putin, recording a video about how “terrible it is to live” in modern Russia, … Read more

Judge’s Complaint Against Lawyer Dismissed by Court for Lack of Evidence of a Crime

Last November, this Court admitted for processing the judge’s complaint against the lawyer for a possible crime of slanders or insults after he described the magistrate’s attitude as “prevaricating” and accused him of “absolute lack of bias” in a chat that he shares with more than a hundred journalists and about which the judge ordered … Read more

“Buying Used Goods Online: Know Your Rights and Protections”

The Internet is full of various e-shops with used goods or platforms where private individuals resell their things. First of all, it is therefore a good idea to do your research and be interested in whether you are buying goods from an entrepreneur as part of his business, or from a private person on one … Read more

Director of World Health Organization sacked over sexual harassment scandal

(Web Desk) The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that it has taken further disciplinary action against a senior director for harassment after an investigation into a complaint by a junior British doctor. . WHO spokeswoman Marcia Ball said in her response to the incident that Timo Wakanivalu was dismissed from the World Health Organization … Read more

“Alfafar Level Crossing Barriers Failed Again, Raising Safety Concerns”

Barely a month after the last breakdown, the Alfafar level crossing barriers have failed again. It was around 3:00 p.m., when once again one of the barriers has stayed highendangering vehicles and pedestrians who continually pass through this area. Alfafar City Council, after being notified of the incident, has transferred a local police patrol who … Read more

CNID Denounces Benfica’s Press Officer for Refusing TVI’s Questions

The CNID – Association of Sports Journalists denounced this Wednesday what it considers to be “another anomalous and unacceptable situation in the relationship between clubs and media”, after Benfica’s press officer had refused TVI’s questions on the preview conference for the game with Inter Milan. «The attitude of Benfica, embodied by the press officer who … Read more

Nicaragua is becoming an “enclave” of Russian espionage

At an event in Washington, Ivan Duque, former president of Colombia, said that Nicaragua is clearly becoming the enclave and paradise of Russian espionage. During the discussion “The Political Crisis in Nicaragua and its impact on the United States”, organized by The Wilson Center, in Washington, in which Iván Duque, former president of Colombia, participated, … Read more