Spotify: Spotify has launched its own island in Roblox

Dfrom this Tuesday, Spotify It has become the first streaming platform to get involved in an online platform of this type: that is, within a room mainly focused on gamers. The idea of ​​the music service is have a virtual space within the metaverse for artists and fans to coexist no matter where they are […]

Red, de Pixar, est inspirada en Pokmon y The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

En an interview with the Washington Postthe director of Red (Turning Red), Domee Shi, revealed what were the influences for the aesthetics of the film, among which the Nintendo games stand out. Specific, Pokmon, Earthbound (Mother) y The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Domee Shi, the first woman to direct on her own […]

Xbox players can watch the Halo series for free

EThe deadline is about to be met: after 20 to From the first time we heard about Halo on our home screens, the prayers of the saga’s most dedicated fans have finally been heard, and we are about to witness the promised series premiere during the celebrations for the two decades of life of the […]

Pokémon: Gaming Legends: The Truth of Lavender Town Syndrome

En 1996 appeared early versions of Pokémon, a simple RPG that took full advantage of the virtues of the old game in those years. And they were games very different from the Pokémon we know today: without variants by region … without other regions, without shiny pokmon, without gender, with simpler stats and a story […]

Nintendo: Pokémon Unite reaches 9 million downloads

Pit probably seems longer to you, but el ‘League of Legends’ de Pokmon has not been released for two months, and this experiment by The Pokémon Company with the genre MOBA was so well done and is both so easy to play, that last Thursday, September 16 announced through his official Twitter account that the […]

Rick & Morty: Will there be a live-action Rick & Morty?

¿What is happening to the world of entertainment? Shaggy Ultra-instinto appears in the Mortal Kombat animated series, Alfred Molina is Doctor Octopus again para Spider-Man, Will Smith y J Balvin are in Fortnite … and now the popular Adult Swim series, Rick & Morty, has completed its cycle by showing a clip where we can […]

Artist on Tiktok shows how to cook Pokémon and the result is disturbing

* Lase with Dross’s voice *: The Internet is a strange, confusing place … disturbing. The ease with which users can create content and make it available to their contacts has given us much to appreciate from our favorite franchises, both good and bad. There are fanarts that only want to reproduce, with the technique […]

Gaming Legends: Knights of the Old Republic, an expansion to a known universe

Si would have to venture a why to the success obtained by the fantasy world created by George LucasPerhaps this would be the easy external simplicity that covers the external complexity of the story. For instance, en Tattooine, one of the most underrated planets in the galaxy, the economic lag is mixed with a technological […]