Nintendo: Pokémon Unite reaches 9 million downloads

Pit probably seems longer to you, but el ‘League of Legends’ de Pokmon has not been released for two months, and this experiment by The Pokémon Company with the genre MOBA was so well done and is both so easy to play, that last Thursday, September 16 announced through his official Twitter account that the game had reached the 9 million downloads.

This news does not come alone, because The Pokmon Company, in appreciation for active users that allow the times between departure and departure not to require much waiting, give away 2,000 Aeos Tickets to all users, which will be distributed from the next September 29th, that is to say, one week after the release of the version of Pokmon Unite for mobile devices.

Should this number of players surprise us for a free video game? Certainly it must, moreover one that has several aspects against it: first, It is not a multiplatform game, so only Nintendo Switch users can download it (so far). Second, although some of the most popular games today are games type Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, they are not the most popular.

Just in comparison, Splitgate, that wonderful game that inherits and mixes the spirits of Halo and Portal so well has achieved, to date, 10 million downloads. Yes, there are more, but it is a game that is found available for all platforms (Except, of course, Nintendo Switch), and although the beta version just started to gain traction, the game has been available since May 2019.

Little more than 80 million Nintendo Switch consolesthey have been sold to date, so they are almost 10% of its users, and even so they feel few for a game that is free. Already having such a game on Nintendo should be considered worthy of celebration. But the success of his game, we cannot deny it, is due to Pokémon. That’s right: Pokémon is still valid, although many do not like it.

It is because of that this number of players is expected to grow, as they say in French, “a lo beast” from next September 22, when the game is released for cell phones. One of the interesting things about this release is that the amount of memory required for the game is unknown, because according to the same app, this “varies for each device”.

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With the launch of Unite, quiz The Pokmon Company repeat the success of Pokémon GO, the game that broke the internet in its first week of release and, to date, one of the most played portable titles in the world.

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