Xbox players can watch the Halo series for free

EThe deadline is about to be met: after 20 to From the first time we heard about Halo on our home screens, the prayers of the saga’s most dedicated fans have finally been heard, and we are about to witness the promised series premiere during the celebrations for the two decades of life of the console of Microsoft. And if you are one of the loyal Xbox gamers, then it is very likely that you can watch this series without paying.

Because, as you surely know, the adaptation live-action Halo be series exclusive to the Paramount+ service, one that (to be honest) has not offered us enough things to want to hire it (except for the Post-Covid episode of South Park). But now those who use Xbox services to play will be able to receive 30 free days of Paramount+ to enjoy the first chapters of the series.

How to get Paramount+ for free?

Well, it should be said that this service is “free” (with quotes) then they will be 30 days free trial that you can request if you already have a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass. All players with the Pass will receive this benefit on their console or computer from March 23that is, one day before the release of the Halo series.

It seems another of the great “gifts” from Microsoftbut the maa in the plan is very evident: it has been announced that the first season of halo (That’s right, first season because the second has already been confirmed) will last for 9 captives, which will come out weekly every Thursday. Therefore, with 30 free days you will only be able to watch about 4 or 5 episodes.

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This promotion appears only a couple of days after Microsoft announced Xbox All Accesswith which to get a console Xbox Series S/X with an authorized dealer, not only will you be able to pay for it on credit, but you will also receive 3 meses gratis de Xbox Game Pass. So if you took advantage of the full promotion, you would end the year with a new console, a catalog with more than 100 games and the experience of having seen the Halo series.

Adems, just during this week I showed up the latest trailer in the series that let us see that the story will go a different way than the games. This, moreover, is evidence that the lawsuit against Microsoft for the rights to the music of Halo didn’t go ahead, or probably did but it still doesn’t give the tech giant any trouble. What do you expect from the Halo series?

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