Artist on Tiktok shows how to cook Pokémon and the result is disturbing

* Lase with Dross’s voice *: The Internet is a strange, confusing place … disturbing. The ease with which users can create content and make it available to their contacts has given us much to appreciate from our favorite franchises, both good and bad. There are fanarts that only want to reproduce, with the technique of each artist, a real aspect of the game, and others who … cross the line.

As, the (or the, we don’t know) Tiktoker Brainqueen has gained relevance during the last days by a third of animations perhaps too raw for the innocent eyes of the pokmon masters, or probably a reality slap to the world because it exemplifies, with a cartoon, something that happens around the world at all hours.

The series, which is compiled in a single video on its YouTube channel, is called ‘A Trip to the Viridian City Wet Market’, O ‘A Trip to the Fresh Market of Viridian City’. We know that the literal translation of “Wet Market” is “Mercado Hmedo”, but that would be the meaning in essence. Although in Mexico we could easily call him “Tianguis“.

A Wet Market is an informal market where, mainly, fresh animal meat is sold for consumption. And how do they keep it so fresh? In many cases, the animals are killed in the same place. And to maintain that freshness, many consumers decide to eat them right there in the market. That’s right, like the famous Wuhan market in which (It is believed) the contagions of Covid-19 began.

Recently Brainqueen just passed the line of 100 thousand followers on Tiktok, even though his official Facebook page barely gathers more than 60 Like, your Instagram ones 800 and your Youtube channel almost 4000 subscribers, although the video in question has exceeded the 130 thousand views.

Brainqueen did not clarify if this is a criticism of the consumption of meat or the controversial Chinese and Japanese gastronomy (which as traditional and delicious as it is, has been attacked more than once by animal protection organizations for the cruelty with which it treats some species). Probably neither, and just a cruel and ingenious parallel.

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For the rest, This is the first time Brainqueen has touched on a gaming theme., most of his posts have only to do with his experiments with After Effects and illustrations of all kinds, but it does not present a central line, it does not demonstrate a specific taste … it does not even give an explanation of its videos. Which makes everything a little more … disturbing. We leave the video for you to give your opinion on your own.

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