Spotify: Spotify has launched its own island in Roblox

Dfrom this Tuesday, Spotify It has become the first streaming platform to get involved in an online platform of this type: that is, within a room mainly focused on gamers. The idea of ​​the music service is have a virtual space within the metaverse for artists and fans to coexist no matter where they are in the world. But that will not be all.

What’s on Spotify’s Roblox Island?

As described by the same streaming service through a press release, this island will be “a paradise of sound where fans and artists from all over the world can explore a wonderful land of sounds, quests and super special mechanics.” This is the true sample of what the metaverse will be in the future.

Imagine that there is a virtual concert, like so many that were during the quarantine through Facebook, YouTube and other virtual communication services (in addition, concerts through games like Free Fire y Fortnite). At the end of the concert of your favorite group that is in, say, South Koreayou could meet with the members in an interactive chat room.

That chat room will be the Island of Roblox. And meet-and-greet where you can access a unique experience for a fraction of the price of what it would cost you in the “real life” (well now, what is real and what is not?).

What does Spotify’s new Island of Roblox offer artists?

In addition, the Roblox Island will be suitable for offering an ever-increasing amount of artist merch. But what kind of merch could be bought here? Well, of all kinds: from cosmetics to use within Roblox to, surely, NFTsor probably early access to certain songs. The limit will be the imagination of the artists.

After all, within the Island there will be many options to take advantage of. For example, get 1000 hearts to unlock a tree in the center of the island to climb over there.

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Do I need to have a Spotify account to enter your Roblox Island?

no, luckily not. But it’s an account of Roblox (which is much easier to create). The Island is very vast and is already open for player exploration from now on. This way you can familiarize yourself with the small missions and quests to unlock new content within the map. And even if your objective is not to complete some missions, you can always interact with the musical environment of the Island. What are you waiting for to go and discover this first taste of the Metaverse?

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