Rick & Morty: Will there be a live-action Rick & Morty?

¿What is happening to the world of entertainment? Shaggy Ultra-instinto appears in the Mortal Kombat animated series, Alfred Molina is Doctor Octopus again para Spider-Man, Will Smith y J Balvin are in Fortnite … and now the popular Adult Swim series, Rick & Morty, has completed its cycle by showing a clip where we can see the main characters in their version live-action with the original Doc Brown himself.

Sure, we mean Christopher Lloyd, the actor who gave life to the doctor Emmet Brown in one of the best trilogies that they gave us on Saturday afternoons on open television: Return to the future. Of course, Michael J. Fox He is no longer of age to play the teenager in the famous mid-eighties franchise directed by Robert Zemeckis, for which they had to call the young actor of the new adaptation of It, Jaeden Martell, to play Morty Smith.

What does C-132 mean?

Adult Swim did not offer any further information on this clip, except the cryptic message “C-132”, which, as every fan of the series knows, is interpreted as the designation of one of the multiple realities presented in the series. In particular, reality C-132 is a direct reference to one of the realities presented in the Rick & Morty comic published by Oni Press, which are the Rick and Morty most similar to those of the “original reality” that, curiously, belong to C-137.

Do you think the animation is too strong for these days? The pilot is so strong that we can’t even post it here.Adult Swim.

It is no secret to fans that Rick & Morty were created from these two popular characters (Rick and Morty are clearly Doc and Marty) and given the multiversal theme around which many of the best episodes of the entire series have revolved (like the Citadel of Ricks, described as a milestone in television history) fans had (had) long been asking for this crossover to happen.

Rick & Morty: Season 5 Finale

Everything seems to indicate that this is a way to present the grand finale of season 5 of the series, which was delayed for unknown reasons. It is only known that it will be a story that will consist of two episodes (ah, we go back to the good times of television when the end of the season was like this) and that the first of them will air this next September 5.

A teaser talking about this season finale where Morty challenges Rick to replace him, and his grandfather assures him that he has a whole range of possibilities with better things to replace it, and the winners were: two crows. Two crows are better than Morty. Regarding this, Adult Swim also showed a clip where he presents Rick next to two ravens, which is no less than what we expected from the channel that hosts this great series. So what will happen to these live-action characters?

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