Komerční banka wants to share ATMs, allegedly because of the ecology. You are not telling the whole truth, the Savings Bank counter

At the request of Komerční banka and Moneta Money Banka regarding the sharing of the ATM network in June, at least two other banks are already hearing. Air Bank is interested and admits to it officially. The second, UniCredit Bank, is waiting for the results of the behind-the-scenes negotiations and does not want to confirm … Read more

A shock awaits mortgages, the head of Česká spořitelna Salomon about taming inflation

We unlock >>> Everything is currently at stake in the Czech Republic. About how long and painful inflation will be. About how drastically people feel the meaning of the hitherto unknown word stagflace. It decides on the future condition of the Czech economy, and thus also the domestic banking sector, which is tied to it … Read more

The savings bank started selling gold bars via mobile phone

Only at Česká spořitelna branches did people buy gold bars in the volume of over half a ton. According to spokesman Filip Hrubý, Spořitelna is the first bank in the Czech Republic to allow clients to buy gold bars directly in George’s mobile banking. They can choose from four variants weighing 10, 31, 50 and … Read more

New weapon against inflation: Banks dust off term deposits, overcome “savers”

Until a few years ago, these were accounts for “older and advanced”. Bank clients preferred savings accounts to term deposits, where savings are immediately available. Recently, however, banks have been expanding the range of term deposits. Česká spořitelna is introducing it again after six years. And interest rates are rising on them. In the Aktuálně.cz … Read more

When an approved mortgage is not enough. Hectic growth in construction costs is pushing people into new loans

“Since the spring, we have been identifying dozens of clients every month who are consulting with us about the possibilities of further mortgage repayments in the context of rising building material prices, which makes construction significantly more expensive for them,” said Filip Hrubý, spokesman for Česká spořitelna. The problem of insufficient mortgage is solved in … Read more

Mortgage strangulation is about to take place. The central bank will thus stop inflation and the “banking party”

Perhaps as early as Thursday, the Czech National Bank will approve the reintroduction of credit limits on mortgage loans, which it canceled last spring due to a coronavirus pandemic. According to some economists, this would be a rescue brake at a time of rising inflation. At the same time, many people will have to forget … Read more

End of fixation and high rise in mortgages. How much will the installment and overpayment increase?

Some owners mortgage loans could literally meet an “interest shock”. Due to the combination of rising mortgage prices and the possible end of interest rate fixation, they could be multiplied. “Generally speaking, this applies to anyone who has not fixed a good interest rate since 2014 until about a month ago,” says Jan Bureš, Head … Read more

What you (did not) miss: Škoda Auto saves, the CNB raises rates, Vítek turns Brno into 22 billion.

After last year’s economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this year domestic banks are experiencing a solid year. Thanks to strong client demand for loans, especially mortgages, as well as lower risk costs, their total profit after tax increased by 30 percent year on year. The positive development was also confirmed by Česká spořitelna’s … Read more

Banks are raising interest rates on savings accounts. The growth was announced by Česká spořitelna, Trinity Bank and Air Bank

“The CNB unexpectedly raised interest rates sharply and this is the most significant one-off increase in interest rates since June 1997, which opens up room for banks to significantly increase interest rates on client deposits,” comments Lukáš Kovanda, a member of the government’s National Economic Council and chief economist at Trinity Bank. Trinity Bank raises … Read more