Sony is considering becoming a carmaker. It showed the vision of a new electric SUV

Japan’s technology conglomerate Sony is set to start Sony Mobility this spring to try to penetrate the electric vehicle market. This was announced by the head of the company Keničiró Yoshida before the start of the world fair of consumer electronics CES in the USA, who also presented the second prototype of an electric vehicle, […]

Car Queen Scooter. The Suzuki S-Cross is new and old at the same time

Suzuki has started offering an innovated S-Cross on the Czech market. The brand suffocates that the model is completely new, but in reality it still targets its traditional and very conservative customers. Under the innovated shell is the same uncomplicated universal technique. Changing the coat did a lot with S-Cross. Especially from the front, the […]

Shameful result in a safety test. The electric Renault and Dacia failed

The latest round of crash tests under the Euro NCAP banner brought two big surprises. Renault is responsible for both, but it’s nothing nice. His two electric cars, the Dacia Spring and the Renault Zoe, completely failed in safety tests and received only one or no star in total. This is the third time in […]

Another four-eyed Skoda. The rejuvenated Karoq got new lights and a greener interior

Four years after the premiere of the original version, Škoda introduced the modernized Karoq SUV. The compact model with its external appearance approached the new Octavia or Fabia, more thought was also given to aerodynamics. And although the car is powered only by gasoline or diesel, the new Karoq is greener than ever. The most […]