Bourat as Jarda Jágr: We tested how crash assistants work (not) in Kie

When at the end of May, a Czech hockey legend overlooked a tram in his Kie at a crossroads, newspapers all over the world wrote about it. Apparently, however, no one asked himself how it was possible that Jaromír Jágr was not warned against a collision in an electric car riddled with safety assistants. Now […]

Hungarian Csepel is a forgotten brand of trucks. It was destroyed by central planning

The Hungarian automotive industry is best known for the Ikarus buses, which also appeared in large numbers in Czechoslovakia. However, in the early 1950s, Csepel Island also began producing trucks of the same name. At the same time, their history is actually another reflection of “well-thought-out” central planning in the countries of the Eastern bloc. […]