Israeli missiles rain down on Syria, killing Assad regime troops

loading… Israeli soldiers stand guard near the Iron Dome missile defense system in the Golan Heights. The Zionist military rained missiles on Syrian territory, killing one soldier of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad’s government. Photo/REUTERS/Amir Cohen DAMASCUS – Missiles Israel raining down on the area Syria south on Thursday (16/12/2021). The regime of President […]

UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs Meets with Assad, the US is Bloody

loading… DAMASCUS – Minister of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Minister) United Arab Emirates (UAE) met with the President Syria Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. This incident is a sign of improving relations between Assad and the Gulf state. On the other hand, the visit sparked criticism from United States of America (AS). UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah […]

Israel Bombards Syria, 1 Assad Regime Soldier Killed

loading… DAMASCUS – Israel , through air strikes, bombarded the Palmyra region, Syria , on Wednesday (13/10/2021) night. One soldier of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad’s government was killed and three pro-Iranian militiamen were injured. Syrian state news agency, TO YOU, citing military sources, reported that the attack took place in the vicinity of […]

US confirms no intention to normalize relations with Bashar Al-Assad

loading… WASHINGTON – United States of America (USA) states it has no plans to “normalize or improve” diplomatic relations with the government Syrian President Bashar al-Assad . The US also does not encourage other countries to do so. The comments came in response to a question about whether Washington was encouraging and supporting rapprochement between […]

Bashar Al Assad Sworn In As President Of Syria, 4th In Office

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad enters the room where he will be sworn in for a fourth term over the next seven years. (Source: Syrian Presidential Office via Associated Press) DAMASCUS, KOMPAS.TV – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was appointed on Saturday (17/7/2021) for a fourth term and will be president for the next seven years. Assad’s […]

Food and fuel crisis worsens, Syrian president raises wages by 50%

loading… DAMASCUS – Price of bread in Syria doubled and the price of diesel fuel tripled due to the financial crisis caused by 10 years of civil war and Western sanctions. Syria has repeatedly raised fuel prices in recent years to tackle the financial crisis. The latest increase follows a 25% increase in gasoline prices […]

Western criticism of ‘big zero’ Syrian elections

loading… DAMASCUS – President Syria , Bashar al-Assad said Western criticism of presidential election (pilpres) has a “zero value”. Syria itself held the presidential election yesterday. Voting was held only in government-controlled territories and the United States (US) and European Union (EU) said the elections were neither free nor fair. “These fraudulent elections do not […]

Assad’s army uses chlorine in Seraqib city – OPCW

Photo: Anadolu The city of Seraqib came under the control of the forces of Bashar al-Assad in February 2020 A chlorine bottle burst over the city of Serakib. The substance dispersed over a large area, resulting in 12 people injured. The Syrian Air Force dropped a chlorine bomb in February 2018 on the opposition-held city […]

Assad Regime Battles Syrian Hospital Artillery, 6 Killed Including Small Children

loading… ATAREB – Regime troop artillery fire Presiden Bashar al-Assad hit a hospital (RS) Syria in Atareb, an area that became the last rebel stronghold in Idlib. Six civilians, including a child, were killed. The attack in the city of Atareb came on Sunday despite a Russian-Turkish ceasefire since March 2020 meant to protect a […]

Obama admits that he failed to handle the Syrian tragedy, he cannot stop thinking

loading… WASHINGTON – Ex president United States of America (USA) Barack Obama admits his administration failed to resolve the “Syrian tragedy” during his presidency. “In the field of foreign policy, the tragedy in Syria continues to make me suffer a lot. During the events of 2011 that took place in a number of Arab countries, […]