Paris-Atlanta will be on the A380

Air France passengers from Charles-de-Gaulle will soon say goodbye to the Boeing 777-300 on their way to Atlanta. They will fly on the prestigious Airbus A380, accommodating 236 more people per flight. The super-jumbo will take up residence on the 2nd daily flight to Atlanta, from March 31, 2019, nous informe le site néerlandais aviation […]

France denounces a “provocation” of the United States

France bends not the spine-face of the United States. This Thursday, the Economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, has reacted to the us decision to withdraw temporarily from the discussions on the introduction of a taxation of the giants of the digital. The boss of Bercy has confirmed having received a letter from the government of […]

Fly and Corona: North German airports start up again – news from Bremen

Historic low: For April this year, the statistics of passenger numbers at Bremen Airport show only 102 passengers. (Frank Thomas Koch) The airports in Northern Germany are slowly starting up again. Many airlines are gradually expanding their routes after weeks of downtime. The Hans Koschnick Airport in Bremen also benefits from this. For a few […]

Air France, easyJet … here is the airlines’ gradual restart program

The catch-up attempt started in the sky, for the summer vacation. In France, it’s Air France which drew the first, before its main competitors and its subsidiary Transavia. It has published its planning for the resumption of flights from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle since this week. Orly Airport will reopen on June 26. Of 43 destinations […]

Airlines resume flights: dates and destinations | Business Opening

Many airlines of the world are returning to activity after a two-month slowdown in operations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which meant a collapse of 95% of operations on average and led the sector to the “worst crisis in its history”. In this way, a number of firms in the sector are already communicating their […]

Air France to measure passenger temperature from 11 May NOW

Air France will measure passenger temperature from next Monday, the airline announced on Saturday via a press release. The temperature is measured via special infrared thermometers installed on board that measure body temperature remotely. Passengers with a temperature above 38 degrees are no longer allowed to fly and are requested to disembark. Measuring the temperature […]

Air France – EU Commission approves billion dollar loan

Airlines are suffering not only in Germany. Air France also needs government aid to survive in the Corona crisis. The EU Commission now allows loan aid of over seven billion euros. France can help Air France in the corona crisis with seven billion euros in the form of loan guarantees and a loan as a […]

Supply of masks: behind the scenes of the airlift

After a final turn in the line, the captain of the Air France Boeing 777 cargo ship cut the engines. It was 11:05 p.m. in the cargo area of ​​Roissy Airport on Tuesday. A squad of men in orange or yellow vests invests the tarmac and unlocks the two doors of the holds. During this […]

Air France is considering a voluntary departure plan

What will Air France do with the 7 billion euros in aid promised by the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire Friday, April 24, in the form of 4 billion bank loans guaranteed by the State at 90% to which are added 3 billion direct loan? → LIVE. Coronavirus: the latest news in France […]