The President’s Health Adviser warns of laxity in Corona’s precautionary measures

Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health and Prevention Affairs and Former Minister of Health, praised the distinguished Egyptian experience in confronting the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic, which was led by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, with rapid and early intervention and providing all aspects […]

The death of the first case of “H1N1” influenza in Assiut

A housewife in her sixth decade died in the chest hospital in Assiut, after suffering from seasonal flu.H1N1The Assiut Health Directorate had received a notification from the Chest Diseases Hospital of the death of “Moderation. R.”, 51, after she had been diagnosed with seasonal influenza 6 hours after she entered intensive care. The case was […]