Minister of Petroleum: Two new refining projects in Upper Egypt, with investments of 3.4 billion dollars

Engineer Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, inspected the trial operation of the high-octane gasoline production complex at Assiut Petroleum Refining Company within the vital projects to secure fuel supplies for Upper Egypt governorates, which also includes a diesel production project with total investments of the two projects amounting to about $ 3.4 billion.

During the tour, Al-Mulla confirmed that the high-octane gasoline production complex project is currently witnessing trial operation according to the plans and timetables set for its implementation, praising the record achievement of the project thanks to the support of the state and the government, and the continuous cooperation and coordination with Major General Essam Saad, Governor of Assiut, despite the challenges The Corona pandemic, which was surpassed by the tireless efforts in carrying out the works through the two companies, Enppi as a general contractor, and Petrojet, the executive arm of the petroleum sector, as well as the Assiut Refining Company. Precautionary controls to prevent corona virus.


Minister of Petroleum during his speech

The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Eng. Tariq Al-Mulla, explained that the high-octane gasoline production complex with its investments amounting to 450 million dollars provides an estimated production of about 800 thousand tons of gasoline annually by utilizing the naphtha produced from the Assiut refinery, indicating that these quantities were imported from abroad to meet the needs of the market as well as It was transported from sea to the sea.

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Al-Mulla pointed out that the oil area in Assiut is also witnessing the establishment of the new diesel complex for the Assiut National Oil Company, “Anopec”, with investments of about $ 2.9 billion to produce about 2.8 million tons of diesel with European specifications, in addition to 400 thousand tons of naphtha used in the production of high-octane gasoline. And 100 thousand tons of cooker in addition to 300 thousand tons of coal and 66 thousand tons of sulfur, which also shows the success of the petroleum sector in implementing the state’s strategy in maximizing resources and achieving self-sufficiency and heading towards developing Upper Egypt and increasing investment in it through a clear action plan through which work is done on Achieve self-sufficiency in gasoline and diesel by 2023.

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The minister stressed that our people in the governorates of Upper Egypt are the subject of full attention from President El-Sisi and the government, and that Upper Egypt development projects are of priority in action plans, and that in addition to projects to secure the needs of petroleum products, there is a plan for the Ministry of Petroleum in cooperation with the governors to increase the number of car supply stations with natural gas as fuel, In addition to increasing the beneficiaries of the national project to deliver natural gas to homes.

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Meeting of the Geographical Committee for the South Upper Egypt Petroleum Region

During the tour, Engineer Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources presided over the work of the Geographical Committee meeting for the southern Upper Egypt region, in the presence of the heads and representatives of the companies of Assiut, Egypt, Cooperation for Petroleum, Pipelines, the Nile, Petrogas, Petrojet and Enppi. The Republic and raising its efficiency to operate all its projects in accordance with international standards, achieve environmental compatibility, implement safe operation and digital transformation in managing activities, and stressed the importance of increasing awareness during the current stage by tightening the application of precautionary measures against the Corona virus in order to preserve workers and their families, and the need for absolute commitment to apply the procedures prescribed by the state and the Ministry In this regard, and the use of continuous guidance within all facilities on how to maintain their safety inside and outside the workplace, and the importance of adhering to preventive measures and wearing protective medical masks for all workers and those present in order to preserve public health.

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The minister was accompanied during the tour by Eng. Ashraf Bahaa, President of Enppi, Engineer Walid Lotfi, President of Petrojet, Chemist Ashraf El-Shamy, Engineer Ayman Emara, Deputy CEO of the Petroleum Authority, Engineer Mahmoud Nagy, Deputy Minister for Transport and Trading of Petroleum Products, Engineer Jamal Fathy, Assistant CEO of the Petroleum Authority for Occupational Safety and Health, and Eng. Supervisor of project follow-up at the Ministry of Petroleum and Chemical, Majed Al-Kurdi, President of Assiut Refining Company, and Engineer Mohamed Badr, President of Anopec.



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