RANS Nusantara FC Defeats Arema FC 1-0 in League 1 Match

RANS Nusantara FC Defeats Arema FC 1-0 in League 1 Match

Jakarta – Archipelago Range won 1-0 over Arema FC in the continuation of League 1. It was Zidane Pramudya Afdandi who became a hero. Arema FC vs Rans Nusantara took place at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Bali, Monday (14/8/2023) evening. The visiting team tore Singo Edan’s goal through Mitsuru Maruoka, but it … Read more

Infrastructure Development in IKN East Kalimantan: Foreign Nationals Appointed as Supervisors by Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan

Jakarta – The progress of infrastructure development in the Archipelago Capital City (IKN), East Kalimantan, was conveyed by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan in a working meeting with the DPR RI Budget Agency. Luhut appointed foreign nationals or Caucasians as construction supervisors IKN. Luhut initially explained about his team … Read more

RANS Nusantara Appoints Rodrigo Santana, New Coach from Brazil

Jakarta – RANS Archipelago introducing Brazilian coach Rodrigo Santana as the new tactician. In addition there are also four new players. Rodrigo Santana was brought in to improve position RANS, which is now stranded in 16th place. The 40-year-old coach is considered to have a good enough profile to improve RANS’s performance. The former interim … Read more

Foreign Media Highlights President Jokowi’s Action Camp at IKN Nusantara All

PARIS, KOMPAS.com – President Jokowi’s action to stay in the area The nation’s capital (IKN) Archipelago by using a tent is also reported foreign media. One of them did, namely France Media Agency (AFP), an international news agency headquartered in Paris, France. On Tuesday (15/3/2022), AFP published an article entitled “Indonesia’s president takes camping trip … Read more

Anies’ Reason for Bringing Aquarium Village Land to Nusantara Tuai Kritikan

Jakarta – DKI Governor’s Reason Anies Baswedan bringing soil and water from the Aquarium Village to be united in IKN Nusantara has drawn criticism. PDIP insinuates that there is no program Anies who sided with the small people. Anies Brings Land from the Aquarium Village Anies told about the land he brought from Kampung Akuarium, … Read more

About Water-Ground 33 Regions to the Archipelago and Jokowi’s Invitation to Camp

Jakarta – A total of 33 governors throughout Indonesia were invited by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to camp at the zero point of the state capital (IKN) by bringing water and soil from their respective regions. There is a philosophy of why President Jokowi asked 33 governors throughout Indonesia to bring the water and land. … Read more

Governors Arrive in East Kalimantan Bring Groundwater for IKN, There is RK-Ganjar

Balikpapan – A number of governors have arrived in East Kalimantan (Kaltim) to attend activities at the zero point of the national capital (IKN) with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). The governors who have arrived include West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo, South Sumatra Governor Herman Deru, and West Papua Governor Dominggus … Read more

Inventor of Natural Selection whose Research reached the Archipelago

Before Charles Darwin famous for Evolution Theorythere’s someone scientist named Alfred Russel Wallace who has proposed a theory about natural selection. Wallace is a thinker who contributed a lot to the development of the Theory of Evolution. Born on January 8, 1823, he was also known as an anthropologist, naturalist, explorer, traveler and biologist from … Read more

Many civil servants are reluctant to move to the new capital, even asking to be Anies’ subordinates

Jakarta – The archipelago in East Kalimantan will be the new state capital (IKN) to replace Jakarta. The relocation of the capital city is planned to be carried out in stages starting this year until 2024. Civil Servant (civil servant) in the central agency will also move to the new capital city. Several agencies will … Read more