The count is still newlyweds, this man surrenders at the hands of his wife, signs a divorce certificate, the name of the husband who is registered in the CPNS exam is the reason

Sosok.ID – Unfortunately, maybe that’s the right word to describe the fate of the candidate civil servant this. How not, still newlyweds, candidates civil servant this has been divorced wife. The trigger? because the husband wants to take the exam civil servant. Also Read: 12 Years Ago Revealed, The Reason Sarah Amalia Divorced from Ariel […]

Police blow up Corona Party

June 27, 2021 at 9:05 am Around 300 people celebrated that night : Police blow up Corona Party Photo: Kurier Verlag / Rolf Retzlaff Krefeld In the night from Saturday to Sunday, a bigger party took place in Krefeld on Mevissenstra├če. One officer was injured when the police intervened. There was further resistance and insults. […]

Draft Rules of the Civil Service Commission in Thailand | RYT9

The Cabinet approved the principle of drafting of the Civil Service Commission of the Civil Service Commission of the Higher Education Institution of the Community College Institute, B.E. …. According to the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (A.D. V.) To propose and submit to the Office of the Council of State for […]

Appointment | RYT9

1. on the appointment of civil servants to a high-level executive position (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) The Cabinet approved the appointment of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to appoint civil servants to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To hold 3 senior management positions to replace the vacant positions 1. Mr. Sekwannamethee, Ambassador Royal Thai Embassy, […]

SNDUP official criticizes Russia’s complicity with Turkey – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

In light of the continuation of Turkish attacks in separate areas of northern Syria, especially the Ain Issa district, whose neighborhood has been under Turkish escalation for around two months, there are voices calling for an end to what Turkey is currently facing. doing in Syria. The official of the Syrian National Democratic Union Party, […]