Outsourcing of Civil Servants Replaced by Outsourcing, This is the Salary Received!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The government plans to remove honorary staff in Ministries/Institutions (K/L) in 2023. The Head of the Legal Public Relations and Cooperation Bureau of the State Civil Service Agency (BKN) Satya Pratama said that later the honorarium would be replaced by a third party as an outsourced worker. “Instead of outsourcing,” he […]

PNS Joget While Drinking Alcohol in Humbahas Warning Sanctions, This is the Reason

Humba Hasundutan – Regional Secretary of Humbang Hasundutan Regency (Public Relations), North Sumatra, Tonny Sihombing, said his party had imposed sanctions on civil servant the viral one dancing while drinking alcohol. He said the civil servant was given a warning sanction. “We have given a warning to the related OPD,” said Tony in a written […]

Not Only Civil Servants, BUMN-Private Employees Can’t Leave Nataru!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The government has re-issued regulations to suppress community mobility during the Covid-19 pandemic. This rule is regarding the Prevention and Control of Covid-19 during the Implementation of Christmas Day on December 25, 2021 and New Year’s Holiday on January 1, 2022 during the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. The rules […]

Congratulations, 52,300 Participants Passed the SKD CPNS 2021, Can I Join the SKB?

ATTACK NEWS – Congratulations, 52,300 participant selection Graduated SKD civil servant 2021, can I join? SKB. National Civil Service Agency (BKN) has announced the results SKD civil servant 2021 phase I of 162 agencies. Deputy for Personnel Information System BKN Suharmen said for phase I there are 52,300 participant Graduated SKD. “From 166 institutions the […]

Take a peek at the salaries of honorary teachers who were appointed as PPPK

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Around 173 thousand participants have passed the first meeting of Government Employees with Work Agreements (PPPK) for the teacher category in the 2021 fiscal year. For information, the salaries of honorary teachers are regulated in Government Regulation (PP) 98/2020 concerning PPPK Salaries and Allowances. In this regulation, the salary for honorary […]

Good News for PPPK, All K2 & Non-Category Honorary Must Know

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 – 14:01 WIB Member of Commission II of the House of Representatives, Hugua, said that the welfare of PPPK was equal to that of civil servants. Photo Illustration : Ricardo/JPNN.com jpnn.com, JAKARTA – Member of Commission II DPR RI Hugua ensures the welfare of government employees with a work agreement (PPPK) […]

List of Sanctions for PNS Skipping Work Version of Jokowi’s New Rules

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President Joko Widodo issued a new policy that regulates the work discipline of civil servants (civil servant) in government circles. In Government Regulation Number 94 of 2021, civil servants who skip work and are not neutral in elections can be dismissed. Dismissal sanctions are severe sanctions imposed on civil servants who […]