“Degree in Medicine in Treviso, a rejection announced”

Editorial board June 26, 2021 3:21 pm «We had warned Zaia: the Region cannot charge the Lea Funds for the payment of the professors of the degree course in Medicine in Treviso; the Constitutional Court has made our doubts certain. The president, however, preferred to go straight, attacking the government and hiding behind the need […]

Meats, cured meats and wines that are dangerous to health according to the European Commission, motion to protect the food sector

A motion has been submitted to the Veneto regional council regarding the new food safety plan conceived by the European Commission which places meats, salami and wines as potentially dangerous products for health. The petition was advanced by the regional councilor Tommaso Razzolini of the council group Fratelli d’Italia – Giorgia Meloni, together with colleagues […]

“Hospital system under stress”. Cases on the rise in Alta Marca

“The hospital system is under stress“: did not mince words Francesco Benazzi, director general of Ulss2, to frame the current health situation, which saw the return of the Vittorio Veneto hospital to Covid hospital, with the suspension of surgical operations and hospitalizations and the delegation of the first aid service to the other hospitals of […]

under 30 years old, just graduates or postgraduates

TREVISO Most of them are under 30 years old. Some have just graduated, others are specializing. I’m doctors on the front line against the coronavirus in the Covid Points of the USL of the Marca. The epidemic has upset the usual training course. And they didn’t back down. They swab thousands and thousands of people. […]