[AFP] Under the confetti, the claims: New York celebrates its “essential workers”

Confetti, fanfares, but also demands: from caregivers to delivery men and subway agents, New York honored on Wednesday these “heroes” who allowed the city to hold out during the pandemic and now hope for guarantees of recognition that are not not just symbolic. In the New York tradition, hundreds of “essential workers” marched on Broadway, […]

Why Tunisia is particularly suffering from the consequences of the corona

In Tunisia the cemeteries are filling up. The rescue workers recovered more than 40 dead off the coast of the North African country in the past few days. Several overcrowded migrant boats had sunk on the way to Italy. But almost every day the sea washes new corpses onto the beach if they don’t get […]

Death of actress Lisa Banes, hit by a scooter in New York

American actress Lisa Banes, known in particular for her role in the film “Gone Girl”, died 10 days after being hit by a scooter in Manhattan, a New York police spokesperson said on Tuesday. Lisa Banes, 65, was pronounced dead at the hospital Monday as a result of the June 4 crash near the Lincoln […]

The President of El Salvador performs bitcoin as an official to me

President of Central America’s Salvador Nayib Bukele | photo: Reuters Details, not fully for the design or thermal bag did not specify. He only stated that he wanted to turn the cryptocurrent bitcoin into a new country for me, along with the US dollar. If his proposal was approved by parliament, where the president’s supporters […]

Corona easing even with incidence up to 100

VBefore the corona consultations by the federal and state governments, easing for regions is now also being discussed in which the incidence of only seven days is stable below 100. There could then be restricted openings, particularly in the retail sector, with fixed shopping appointments. This emerges from an updated draft resolution for the talks […]

Back to the office in New York, for now in hybrid mode

Life returns to the business districts of New York, there are already lines at the salad bars at noon and large companies call their employees to work in the skyscrapers: the signs of a return to the office are multiplying, although for now in “hybrid” mode. After 14 months of generalized teleworking as a result […]

The FBI raids Rudy Giuliani’s apartment in New York

ATTENTION – Add a quote from Giuliani’s son /// New York, Apr 28 2021 (AFP) -Federal police raided the New York apartment of Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of the city and former personal lawyer of Donald Trump, as part of an investigation into his activities in Ukraine, several reported on Wednesday American media. According to […]