Fiki’s grandmother excelled, see how she greeted little Eslem

Pop-folk singer Fiki Storaro threw a baby party at the family patisserie to welcome little Eslem. The celebration took place in a very small circle, and was attended by relatives and close family friends. The girl who cried on August 21 under the sign of the zodiac sign Leo is the first lady Storaro, granddaughter […]

Happy Dad George Clooney: Baby No. 3 on the road!

And it is speculated right away that it does not have to be just baby No. 3, but the second pair of twins! It is said that the famous couple entrusted family and friends with a happy news on July 4 at a gala dinner at their house in Italy near Lake Como. “Amal is […]

Anička Slováčková: Sincere joy from my father’s breakup

Just Gelemova she ended it with a married musician. “I long for family, life in my native southern Bohemia in the countryside, and Felix and I remain friends after seven years of living together in a common household. It was my decision that resulted from Felix’s approach, “Lucie wrote in her statement. Slováček it is […]

Hvězda Slunečné Brodská: SECRET PREGNANCY!

Of course, she did not give birth alone Tereza Brodská (52). Nevertheless, she is a very close relative, because she became a grandmother. The girl was born into her only son Samuel (25) with her partner Luisa. Although her family and colleagues from Sluneční tajemství knew that Brodská would have a granddaughter, they did not […]

bliss is not anti-literary

Literature encompasses the entire gamut of human emotions; However, negative feelings such as alienation, isolation, boredom or depression have long been privileged. Of course, one cannot speak, without falling into reductionism, of a sharp division between sad and happy, depressive or optimistic literature. In any case, it is undeniable that there is a bias in […]

Expansion of the Universal Elderly Pension program

On March 21, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the expansion of coverage for beneficiaries in the universal pension program for the elderly, in which the age was lowered from 68 to 65 and that the amount was gradually going to be increased to reaching six thousand pesos every two months, this news unleashed reactions […]

Humans of New York, an ambitious photographic project

It is an ambitious post-2015 agenda, endorsed by UN member countries that want to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, ensure universal primary education, promote gender equality and empowering women, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, combating AIDS, malaria and other diseases, preserving the environment and building a global partnership for development. .

La Scala welcomes the public back with the Nona – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – MILAN, SEPTEMBER 12 – What was taken for granted before the Covid epidemic today is not and so is the simple glance of the choir and the entire orchestra of La Scala, lined up on the stage for Beethoven’s Ninth which marks the reopening of the theater, after the lockdown has something extraordinary. […]