The death of Mahsa Amini that shook the world

Jakarta – The death of an Iranian woman named Mahsa Ameni in 2022 shook the world. This is because Amini’s death has sparked massive protests in the land of a thousand mullahs. As known, Consider who was 22 years old, died on Friday (16/9/2022) after being arrested by the Morals Police in Tehran because he […]

Belgium urges its citizens to leave Iran!

Jakarta – The Belgian government invites Belgian citizens to enter Iran leave the country due to the risk of arbitrary detention. “All immigrants Belgium, including (dual nationality), are at high risk of being arrested, arbitrarily detained and tried unfairly. This risk also applies to people who visit Iran only for tourism,” the Belgian government said […]

Iranian troops shoot female protesters in the face and genital areas

Jakarta, CNNI Indonesia — Security forces Iran she claimed that she had deliberately shot the faces, breasts and genitals of female protesters protesting the deaths Mahsa Amini. This acknowledgment has been conveyed by a series of doctors who have handled cases of violence up to and including the killing of protesters. ANNOUNCEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME […]

Iran’s Execution of Protesters Unleashes World Anger!

Jakarta – Authority Iran he carried out his first executions over the protests that have rocked the regime since September. Dead execution this sparked international outrage and warnings from human rights groups that another hanging was imminent. The news agency reports it AFP extensionOn Friday (9/12/2022), Mohsen Shekari (23) was found guilty and sentenced Death […]

horrified! Iran has executed 500 people this year

Jakarta – Authority Iran reported to have run die more than 500 people so far in 2022, much more than last year. This was reported by the Norwegian-based human rights group Iran Human Rights (IHR). AFP extension, Tuesday (6/12/2022), that at least 504 people have been executed in Iran this year. The group is currently […]

In the aftermath of mass demonstrations, Iran examines mandatory hijab rules

Tehran – Parliament and judicial authorities Iran he is allegedly reviewing a law requiring the country’s women to wear the hijab in public. revision mandatory hijab rules this was revealed by Iran’s attorney general almost simultaneously with the announcement of the dissolution moral police. As reported Cnn And AFP extensionOn Monday (5/12/2022), Iranian Attorney General […]

Protests Continue to Expand, Iran Dissolves Moral Police!

Tehran – Authority Iran melt moral police after the protests sparked by the dead Mahsa Amini it has continued to expand over the past couple of months. The disbandment of the morality police was announced by Iran’s attorney general in a statement on Sunday (4/12) local time. As reported AFP extension And Cnnon Monday (5/12/2022), […]

Riot demonstration, mass kills Iranian IRGC intelligence chief

Loading… Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) intelligence chief Colonel Nader Bayrami was killed by a rioting crowd of protesters in Sahneh. Photo/via Anadolu Agency TEHRAN – Demonstrations erupted in the city of Sahneh, Kermanshah province, leading to riots, Iran . Rioters killed Colonel Nader Bayrami, intelligence chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). […]