Protest action over Mahsa Amini’s death continues, Iran founder’s house burned down

Tehran – The protesters Iran burning down the former supreme leader’s old house Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who is also the founder of the country. The arson action was captured in a video circulating on social media during an anti-regime demonstration in Tehran, triggered by the death Mahsa Amini entering its third month. As reported Arab […]

More violent, Iranian protesters ‘behead’ the head of Ayatollah Khomeini’s statue

Loading… Iranian protesters behead a statue of the former supreme spiritual leader, Ayatollah Khomeini. Photo / Al Arabia TEHRAN – Iranian protesters beheaded a statue of former supreme spiritual leader Ayatollah Ruhullah Khomeini in northeastern Iran on Friday night. It comes as anti-government demonstrations continue after Mahsa Amini’s death in custody. In a video shared […]

The death of Nika Shakarami, the woman who was beaten after burning the hijab

Jakarta – A YouTuber named Sarina Esmailzabeh and another woman named Nika Shakarami allegedly died at the age of 16. Numerous media outlets reported that their lives ended up in the hands of the security forces. Both are said to have been beaten to death when they took part in a demonstration to protest the […]

Iran rallies and shoots students at Mahsa Amini demonstration: like a battlefield

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Student protesting against death Mahsa Amini from Iran he screamed because the officers gathered them in one place, then fired blindly, like on a battlefield. The screams came from the mouths of many students, including a friend of an Iranian teenager named Farid. Sunday (2/10), Farid woke up when the phone […]

Iranian woman killed by the attacks after the demonstration and removes the hijab

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Woman IranHadith Najafi, would have been killed after a demonstration had condemned death Mahsa Amini who died after being arrested by the moral police for wearing the hijab incorrectly. Najafi was reportedly killed by Iranian security forces after taking part in a demonstration and deliberately removing his hijab as a form […]

Protests against Mahsa Amini’s death in Chaotic Paris, tear gas canisters

Paris – Protest against the death of an Iranian woman named Mahsa Amini in Paris, France fell into chaos. The police fired tear gas. Reported AFPOn Monday (9/26/2022), demonstrators gathered in central Paris. They protested for the second consecutive day for Mahsa Amini’s death after being arrested by the Iranian moral police. The demonstration started […]

The death toll rises as protests over Mahsa Amini’s death expand

Tehran – Death toll escalation in death protests Mahsa Amini continues to increase Iran. Dozens of lives have been lost due to the issue of veiling women in the Land of the Mullahs. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, there are official rules governing the way women dress. The enforcement of these rules is entrusted […]

Mahsa Amini death demonstration in Iran kills 36 people

TEHRAN, – Demo Iran break into death Mahsa Amini and killed at least 36 people, New York-based human rights group ICHRI said. Mahsa Amini, 22, died last week after her arrest by the country’s moral police for wearing the hijab inappropriately. The news of his death sparked widespread indignation. The Moral Police is a […]