Iranian troops shoot female protesters in the face and genital areas

Jakarta, CNNI Indonesia

Security forces Iran she claimed that she had deliberately shot the faces, breasts and genitals of female protesters protesting the deaths Mahsa Amini.

This acknowledgment has been conveyed by a series of doctors who have handled cases of violence up to and including the killing of protesters.

Doctors and nurses secretly treated the protesters to avoid arrest.

The doctors then carefully observed that there was a difference in injuries between the female and male protesters. Most of the male protesters suffered gunshot wounds to their legs, buttocks and backs.

[Gambas:Video CNN]

Iran has also blocked access to the Internet during massive protests that have spread to almost every city in the country. The blockade was supposed to prevent access to photos and videos of bloody demonstrations in Iran.

For Keeper, a number of medics held up pictures of protesters who suffered gunshot wounds from small bullets. Iranian security officers allegedly shot the victim at close range.

The photographs show people injured by small bullets stuck in the flesh.

About 10 doctors were interviewed Keeper said of the serious threat of gunshot wounds that could cause permanent damage. Eye blows are common injuries to female, male and child protesters.

Meanwhile, the gunshot wounds often found in female protesters are on the face, breasts and genitals.

One of the doctors believed that the shot was deliberately aimed at the three parties to spoil the beauty of the women who took part in the rally.

“I treated one of the women (protesters) in her early twenties who received gunshot wounds to the genitals from two bullets,” said an Iranian doctor who declined to be identified. Keeper.

“A dozen more bullets lodged in her inner thigh. The bullets were easy to remove. But the bullet in the genitals was quite difficult (removed) because it got stuck between the urethra and the opening of the vagina. He might risk a vaginal infection, so I suggested seeing a gynecologist. He said he joined the protest, then about 10 security officers surrounded and fired small bullets around his genitals,” he said.

The doctor also admitted that it was difficult to witness the pressure and pain felt by the protesters who were victims of the shooting.

“She could have been my daughter,” she said.


[Gambas:Video CNN]

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