In the aftermath of mass demonstrations, Iran examines mandatory hijab rules


Parliament and judicial authorities Iran he is allegedly reviewing a law requiring the country’s women to wear the hijab in public. revision mandatory hijab rules this was revealed by Iran’s attorney general almost simultaneously with the announcement of the dissolution moral police.

As reported Cnn And AFP extensionOn Monday (5/12/2022), Iranian Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri said “both the parliament and the judicial authorities are working” to discuss the issue of whether the law requiring women to cover their heads should be changed.

“We know you feel sad when you see (women) without the hijab in cities, do you think officials don’t talk about it? As someone who is working on this issue, I say both parliament and judicial authorities are working, for example, yesterday we had a meeting with the culture commission in the parliament, and you will see the result in one or two weeks,” Montazeri told the news agency. ISNA.

However, there is no evidence to show what will happen to the (UU) law that came into force after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, if it is agreed that the changes will be made later.

Although Saturday (3/12) local time, President Ebrahim Raisi he separately stated that the Republic of Iran and its Islamic foundations are constitutionally entrenched “but there are methods of implementing the constitution which can be flexible”.

Wearing the hijab in public places has been mandatory for every woman in Iran since 1983, with a morality police overseeing the application of the law. Initially, the morality police issued a warning before they began cracking down and arresting women who broke the rules about 15 years ago.

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The statement on the revision of the hijab regulation was made by Montzaeri after announcing the disbandment of the moral police. In remarks while attending a religious conference on Sunday (4/12), Montazeri said the moral police had been disbanded when asked by reporters if the moral police had disbanded.

“The moral police has nothing to do with justice. It was abolished in the same place where it was launched,” Montazeri said in a statement quoted by news agencies. ISNA.

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