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Strengthen Your Hip Muscles to Prevent Back Pain and Improve Balance

Hip muscles An important function to straighten the entire body

Posted 2024.01.31 20:20 Posted 2024.01.31 20:20 Modified 2024.01.31 17:17 Views 0 If you sit for a long time, your butt muscles become weak. The function of the hips, which maintains body balance and prevents back pain, may decrease. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]

As you reach middle age, changes occur in your buttocks. As I sit for a long time, I feel like my butt is getting flatter. It doesn’t look good and it’s bad for your health. Even if you don’t expect ‘apple hips’, can’t you protect your butt muscles so that there are no health problems?

If the ‘big muscles’ in your buttocks become weak… The function of straightening the body is ‘stumbling’

Will my butt become flat if I sit for long periods of time? It’s true. This is because the time it takes to move the butt muscles is short. If you don’t continuously stimulate and use your muscles, your buttocks will sag. Of course it looks flat. The cause is weakness of the gluteus maximus muscle, the large muscle of the buttocks. This muscle starts from the back of the pelvis and attaches obliquely to the top of the femur. It plays an important role in straightening the entire body. This is one of the most developed muscles in the body, and intramuscular injections are usually given here.

Stooped posture for age… Why do I suffer from back pain and poor balance?

If your buttocks sag, it doesn’t look good. More importantly, it can cause problems for the health of your entire body. One of the causes of people with unusually hunched posture for their age is weak hip muscles. The ability to support the body’s center of gravity may decrease, leading to loss of balance. If osteoporosis has progressed, a fall can result in a dangerous hip fracture. The pelvis may become twisted and problems with the lumbar disc may occur, causing pain. It also puts a strain on the knee joints. Ultimately, as the body’s center of gravity shakes, problems occur in related areas.

Are you eating enough protein?… Lean meat, eggs, mackerel, soybeans, etc.

Sagging butt muscles are related to overall muscle loss. As we reach middle age, natural muscle loss becomes noticeable. If you do not pay attention to protein intake, muscle loss will accelerate. In addition to animal proteins such as lean meat and eggs, which are easily absorbed by the body, it is better to eat vegetable proteins such as beans and tofu. Mackerel, a representative of healthy blue fish, is also rich in protein. If you are tired of eating chicken breast, it is good to make something like braised mackerel and radish.

“Get up from your seat right now”… Daily body movements such as taking stairs and squats

To slow down the sagging of the butt muscles, they need to be stimulated. First of all, you need to get up from your seat often. Even if you are walking, it is good to have a sloping path and consciously touch your butt muscles and apply strength frequently. When climbing stairs, it is best to pay attention to protecting your knees when coming down. If there is no problem with your knees, repeating squats is helpful. The most important thing is to reduce your sitting time. I can’t hope for apple hips when my butt is always pressed down.

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