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Sofia Public Budget Discussion and Controversies: Borisov’s Refusal to Support

However, Borisov cut it off: We will not become a target of the DS

The public discussion of Sofia’s budget took place an hour later than expected and with great interest in the hall of Sofia University. Several hundred people filled the hall.

First, the mayor Vasil Terziev and his deputies told what the record 2.576 billion BGN will be spent on, then they answered citizens for 2 hours. But party passions were also carried over to the aula – people from GERB also came to ask questions. This, in turn, gave citizens a reason to be indignant twice that the SOS could not appoint a chairman and function in the 3rd month.

On social networks, GERB announced that Terziev was accompanied by armed private security, which was not allowed in the SU.

Surprisingly, the most exciting topic turned out to be sports, and more specifically, Sofia as the world capital of sports 2024. The MP Daniel Alexandrov from GERB was first interested in this. The former wrestler asked what the budget was for a parkour infrastructure project. Others wanted to know if new sports will be developed and how 1.5 million will be spent on the household.

“If the topic of sports was so important to you, there would not be such levels, which year after year brought the clubs and all those involved in sports to the point of begging,” answered Terziev. There have been no requests for additional funds, and the sports capital is organized by a non-governmental organization, pointed out the deputy mayor for finance Ivan Vasilev. The capital program includes 3 skate parks and a project for a pump track track in “Mladost 3”. VASIL TERZIEV Photo: Velislav Nikolov

This is the second time that GERB has attacked Terzev for the money for sports after his working meeting with the municipal councilors on the budget.

GERB also attacked the money for culture – the former councilor Yoanna Dragneva, who failed to become mayor of the Oborishte region, demanded to know why no funds were provided for the repair of the Sredets cultural center. BGN 12-13 million are needed, of which BGN 4.6 million were provided by grants, replied the Deputy Mayor for Construction, Ivan Matov. But there was no way they could be absorbed in time. “If construction and renovation had started, the maximum amount of money used would have been about BGN 900,000 – the rest would have been lost. However, we managed to redirect these 4.6 million BGN to other projects and they were not lost”, he explained. And his colleague Yana Genova added that they were redirected to other cultural activities. The “Sredets” building also had structural problems that were not foreseen in the project.

People from “Pancharevo” and “Ovcha Kupel” asked what will be done with the shortage of kindergartens. BGN 111 million has been earmarked in the budget for construction and repairs of nurseries, gardens and schools.

Animal shelters, public transport wages and mineral water were among the other main topics. BOYKO BORISOV Photo: Rumyana Toneva

However, the work in the SOS on the adoption of the budget cannot begin due to the blockage with the election of the chairman. The parties have many objections, GERB have already warned that they will not give their support.

“They copied the budget from Fandakova”, commented Boyko Borisov. “I see an absolute impossibility for this mayor and his clique to cope”, added the leader of GERB and vowed that “we will not act on the basis of the DS – those who killed my grandfather”.

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