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Socialist Youth Vienna: “This world must be ours! Loud against the right!”

On November 25th the regular state conference of the Socialist Youth Vienna took place in Favoriten.

Vienna (OTS)

On November 25th, the regular state conference of the Socialist Youth in Vienna took place under the motto “This world must be ours!” took place. At the conference, new substantive positions in a time full of crises were discussed with over 120 delegates. Paul Patscheider was also farewelled as a long-time activist and state secretary. Samuel Schillhammer was appointed by the delegates as the new State Secretary: “We have a big goal in mind: the good life for all, the classless society, socialism – whatever you want to call it. We have to fight for that. If we don’t do this, no one will.”

Chairwoman Rihab Toumi’s speech also addressed the current crises: “In times of inflation, the rich continue to benefit while the majority of the population can no longer afford to live: it is not out of nowhere that our rents are rising and prices in the supermarket are getting higher and higher. It is the active actions and decisions of the ruling class that are taking advantage of this crisis. That’s why we stand in solidarity with the current strike measures! But it’s also clear to us as socialists – we don’t just want a piece of the cake, we want the whole bakery!”

As part of the conference, the Socialist Youth Vienna sent an important signal on the occasion of the 16 days against violence. Zulla Ahmetovic, women’s spokesperson for the Socialist Youth Vienna, said: “It is very much a conscious political decision to act as if violence against women were an individual problem, instead of finally equipping the violence protection area with the resources it needs to support those affected and create the conditions for long-term prevention against violence. and to question the system behind it.”

Photos of the state conference and the elected officials can be found at the following link:

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