Social Action Forum Coordinators Meeting Held: Nattu Visesham

Meeting of the coordinators of the social action forum

Friday, November 4, 2022 01:44 AM IST

Iringalakuda: meeting of the coordinators of the Social Action Forum Rupatha The Vicar General mon. Jose Manjali inaugurated. Executive Director of the Social Forum p. Thomas Nettickadan presided. The hope of working in the SocialAction Forum is not great R, Santom Kodungallur Special School Adopt an angel for the disabled (You can adopt an angel child) launched in Chalakudy Pho Rona Vicar p. Portrayed by Jolly Vadakan.

Social Action Forum Vice President Avv. ET Thomas, Principal of the Santhome Special School Sister Asha Payyappilli President of the Social Forum Minum SJSA Avv. The director of the special school Polly Aricat Ashanilayam, sister Lisa Rose SA, was also delivered to the NDS and inaugurated. Associate Director of the Social Forum p. Jomin said thank you.

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