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Rubber Farming Funding: Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Financial guidance for the cultivation of rubber

Wednesday, August 31, 2022 00:46 IST

Kanhangad: In the many years 2020 and 2021, the cultivation of rubber or the new cultivation of rubber Monetary support is also needed from farmers engaged in commercial agriculture. Ksha invited. 25,000 for each hectare as a just one-time payment for farmers who have cultivated up to two hectares. Money assistance is only permitted for a optimum of a person hectare of land Use by the Assistance In addition portal on the rubber board internet site. 2022-23 Handwritten receipt, Aadhaar card, bank account aspects, Raba Farmland sketch, rubber sapling purchase invoice from Akshaya Middle village business office with title deed You have to go to the two digital services facilities and post the application. The software have to be submitted on line by October 31st. Keep your receipt when applying. Phone: 0467 2950067.

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