RHI in Sofia wants to close malls, gyms and restaurants for 14 days

Dancho Penchev Staff: BNT

We must approach the analysis we are doing very carefully and propose adequate measures. The situation in the hospitals in Sofia is very serious. Beds have been increased everywhere, but the pressure on hospitals is very serious. This was stated by the director of RHI – Sofia, Dancho Penchev to BNT.

We offer closing of malls, gyms and restaurants for 14 days. Start starting on Saturday morning. To stop nurseries, kindergartens, schools, all kinds of extracurricular activities, all kinds of gatherings, theaters, cinemas, he explained.

At the moment it is not necessary to introduce an evening class on the territory of Sofia, it became clear from the words of the head of the capital RHI.

“Green corridors” for shopping by the elderly remain.

For hairdressing salons closing is not offered, but for casinos, gambling halls and dance schools – yes.

We are waiting for an opinion from the European Medicines Agency on the AstraZeneca vaccine, Penchev said.



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