Regional Secretary of GERB in Kardzhali Krasimir Hadjiev Passes Away

Regional Secretary of GERB in Kardzhali Krasimir Hadjiev Passes Away

Krasimir Hadjiev, the regional secretary of GERB in Kardzhali, died. Tsveta Karayancheva announced the sad news on her Facebook profile.

“Gone is the man who was my support, my common sense for the last 16 years, the man with whom we laid the foundations of GERB in the district and brick by brick built the walls of our massive and hospitable party house. The man who did not waver, did not he ceased to advise and encourage me, he did not give up, he did not despair, he did not betray me, in spite of the hardships and in spite of the pain with which the insidious disease attacked him. Our Bat Krasi is gone. The motor of the party, the mentor, our corrective and motivator. I will miss your infectious laugh, the hoarseness in your voice, your fighting nature. Rest in peace, my friend! Rest in peace! We will not forget you!”, wrote Karayancheva.

The pilgrimage to Krasimir Hadjiev will take place on September 4, Monday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Ritual Hall of the Cemetery Park in Kardzhali.

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