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Recent News and Updates from Kharkov: Russian Strikes, Sister City Partnership, and More

The main news of Kharkov in the chronicle of the MG “Objective”.


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In the Kharkov Shevchenko Garden, someone left a backpack on a bench – a robot was brought in to check

“The explosives operator remotely controlled the robot’s actions. Using technical capabilities, in particular an X-ray unit, the police determined that there were no explosive objects in the backpack,” the National Police reported.

Law enforcement officers remind you that if you find an explosive or suspicious object, you should never touch it, but you must immediately call the “102” line.

Video: National Police of Ukraine


Dallas has become another sister city of Kharkov in the USA

This event is another step towards deepening relations with the States, said Mayor Igor Terekhov, who is on a business trip in Germany.

“The next stage is the development of a comprehensive plan for future cooperation, which will outline clear directions for interaction between our cities and the expected results of joint work. We agreed on this today with Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson,” Terekhov wrote.

The declaration of partnership between the cities of Terekhov and Johnson was signed online.

Since 1989, Kharkov’s partner has been the American city of Cincinnati, and since July 2023, Albuquerque.


24 hours passed in the Kharkov region without any assault by the Russian military

As the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports in a report at 18:00, at the same time, the enemy carried out airstrikes in the areas of the settlements of Veterinary, Okhrimovka, Malaya Volchya in the Slobozhansky direction and near Peschany – in Kupyansky.

Cossack Lopan, Staritsa, Volchansk, Pletenevka, Malaya Volchya, Sinkovka, Petropavlovka, Kislovka and Kotlyarovka were subjected to artillery and mortar shelling.


An ambulance got into an accident in Kharkov – two people were taken to the hospital

A Ford Transit ambulance and a Volkswagen Passat collided on Kharkov Heroiv Avenue. The 52-year-old Volkswagen driver and his 54-year-old passenger were injured, the regional department of the National Police reported.

Photo: GU NP in the Kharkov region


As a result of enemy shelling of the village of Peschanoye in the Kupyan region, a 71-year-old woman was wounded

According to the regional prosecutor’s office, the Russian military struck the village on February 6 at approximately 9:00. Residential buildings were damaged. According to preliminary data, the shelling was carried out from artillery.


In the near future, it is planned to strengthen the protection of the airspace of the Kharkiv region – Sinegubov

The head of the KhOVA stated following a meeting with the heads of air defense units that “the next technical replenishment” will be provided and an important area is the protection of the region’s critical infrastructure.

“We continue to provide mobile fire groups with vehicles and the necessary equipment to effectively destroy enemy drones. We collected new needs of the units,” said the head of KhOVA.

At the end of December 2023, Sinegubov reported that more than a hundred mobile air defense fire groups had been created in the region.

Photo: Oleg Sinegubov


The contractor who enriched himself by renovating a hospital was exposed in Kharkov

In September 2020, the LLC, which specializes in the construction of residential and non-residential buildings, undertook to renovate part of the premises of the emergency department of one of the Kharkov clinical multidisciplinary hospitals, the regional prosecutor’s office reported.

Work on gluing mineral boards, insulation, sealing horizontal joints of wall panels and installing transformers, although indicated in the official documentation, was not carried out at all. But based on the agreement, 1.3 million UAH of budget funds were transferred to the contractor’s account.

The director of the LLC was informed in absentia of suspicion of taking someone else’s property through abuse of official position. He is hiding from the investigation, they want to put him on the wanted list.

Photo: Kharkov regional prosecutor’s office


Rescue work has been completed in Zolochev, and evacuation continues from the Kupyansky direction

On the air of the national marathon, the head of KhOVA Oleg Sinegubov reported:

🔹consequences of the Russian strike on a hotel in the city of Zolochev,

🔹evacuation from dangerous settlements of Kupyanshchina.

Photo: screenshot15:06

“Storm-Z, Storm-V, prisoners” – the Ukrainian Armed Forces about the units held by the Russian Federation near Kupyansk

In the Kupyansk direction, the Russian army concentrated 42 thousand military personnel, 533 tanks, 650 armored fighting vehicles, 430 artillery systems and 160 MLRS, Ilya Yevlash, head of the press service of the OSUV “Khortitsa”, said on air of the national marathon.

“Their personnel is quite diverse. Of course, these are “Storm-Z”, “Storm-V”, the so-called prisoners. In addition, other units are also involved. For example, in the Kharkov region, the group of troops “West” also includes the group of troops “Belgorod”, which includes units of the 6th Army, 1st Tank Army, 2nd Tank Army. And the 20th Army, which includes tank divisions, motorized rifle brigades, and a combat army reserve. That is, such a “hodgepodge” of quite a few departments,” noted Yevlash.
More details.

Photo: screenshot14:21

Road accident with a victim in the Kharkov region: a truck and a car collided

The accident occurred on the night of February 6 on the highway near the village of Novoe Pekelnoye in the Krasnograd region involving a Volkswagen Passat car and a Renault Premium truck, reported the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Kharkov region.

As a result of the accident, the 41-year-old driver of the car was injured. The man was hospitalized with numerous injuries.

Cops are now establishing the circumstances of the accident.

Photo: GUNP in Kharkov region14:00

Cars burned and houses were damaged in the Kharkov region due to Russian shelling

The Russian army attacked the residential sector of the village of Glushkovka on February 6 at about 10:00, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported in the Kharkov region.

“As a result of the shelling, a car caught fire. The fire area was 5 square meters. m. Nearby residential buildings were also damaged,” the State Emergency Service noted.

Rescuers eliminated the consequences of the hit. There are no casualties or injuries.


Terekhov in Germany is looking for investors to restore Kharkov, meanwhile the city is working on conditions to bring back people and business

On the air of the national marathon, the mayor of Kharkov Igor Terekhov spoke about:

🔹 purpose of the trip to Germany,

🔹 the conditions that are now being created in Kharkov so that people and businesses return to the city more actively.

Photo: screenshot12:38

“This is replenishment of losses” – Shevtsov about 40 thousand occupiers and 500 tanks near Kupyansk

“This is to make up for the losses that the enemy has suffered over the past year. Yes, indeed, 500 tanks arrived, but these tanks arrived instead of the 500 that were destroyed. And 40 thousand military personnel came to replenish those personnel who were wounded and destroyed,” he commented on the publication’s data. «Forbes» Head of the press service of the Steel Border assault brigade, Ivan Shevtsov, was on air during the national marathon.

According to him, the situation in the Kupyansk-Limansky direction is tense. In particular, over the past 24 hours, 8 enemy attacks were repulsed in the Kupyansk direction. The occupiers fired at the positions of Ukrainian defenders and border areas almost 700 times.

“The enemy has enough equipment, weapons, and personnel. He does not spare them and this can be seen from the losses that the enemy suffers. Over the past 24 hours, the enemy has lost 279 military personnel and 88 pieces of equipment. Among which are 13 tanks and 34 infantry fighting vehicles,” Shevtsov noted.

Photo: screenshot11:54

Update: 27 families from the Kharkov region, whose homes were destroyed by the Russians, purchased new houses

The head of KhOVA, Oleg Sinegubov, said that people submitted an application to Dii and received certificates of compensation for destroyed property. They were exchanged for new premises – 23 apartments and 4 private houses.

“UAH 43 million was allocated for this, of which UAH 41.6 million came from state funds,” said Sinegubov.

In general, Sinegubov added, now in 24 communities of the region, 746 certificates worth more than a billion hryvnia have been generated within the framework of the “IVdnovlennya” program. More than 14 thousand people have already received compensation for damaged housing in the total amount of UAH 1.34 billion. Payments amounting to UAH 41.7 million were assigned to another 421 applicants.


Sinegubov reported on the condition of the mother of the baby who died from a missile strike on Zolochev, and the rest of the wounded

“Patients 39 and 28 years old are in the trauma department with limb fractures. Doctors assess their condition as satisfactory. A 21-year-old woman, the mother of a deceased child, is in surgery in moderate condition,” Oleg Sinegubov, head of the KhOVA, wrote in a telegram on February 6.


Kharkov received buses from Germany – Terekhov

The mayor of Kharkov, Igor Terekhov, said that on February 5 he held negotiations in Germany with the Prime Minister of Bavaria Markus Soeder and the mayor of Nuremberg Markus Koening. According to him, German partners continue to provide assistance to Kharkov. In particular, the city received seven new buses.

“They are already in Kharkov and will soon join city routes,” the mayor informed.


The Russians killed a baby with an S-300 missile attack on Zolochiv

“Rescuers recovered the body of a two-month-old boy, born on December 4, 2023, from under the rubble of a three-story hotel. Three women, 21, 28 and 39 years old, were hospitalized with blast injuries and shrapnel wounds, including the mother of the deceased child. The Russians fired two S-300 missiles at night,” reported Head of KhOVA Oleg Sinegubov on the morning of February 6.

Earlier, he informed that the Russian strike destroyed a three-story hotel in Zolochev and there was a person under the rubble.


Eight attacks of the Russian army were repelled in the Kharkov region – General Staff

“In the zone of responsibility of the OSGV Khortitsa in the Kupyansky direction, our defenders repelled eight attacks near Sinkovka, Kharkov region, where the enemy tried to break through the defenses of our troops,” the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces informed in the morning report on February 6.

The number of airstrikes decreased compared to the previous day. Enemy aircraft hit Sinkovka, Ivanovka, Stepova Novoselovka and Berestovoy.


At night, the Russian army struck Zolochev

At night, alarms sounded in the Kharkov region: from 02:05 to 02:50 and from 03:57 to 04:44. During the first of them, the head of the Kharkov military garrison Sergei Melnik and the head of the KhOVA Oleg Sinegubov called for people to stay in shelters. Miller specified – The Russian army launches missiles.

The Russians struck the center of one of the border communities of the region – Zolochev. A three-story hotel there was destroyed. Three people were rescued. But according to the information reported by Sinegubov at 03:04 a.m. on February 6, there was probably a person under the rubble.

Rescue efforts continued overnight.

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