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Queues to receive the flu and covid vaccine in the new health centers of Alicante

Children under and over 60 came all morning this Saturday to the health centers of Alicante, El Campello, Xixona, Mutxamel and Sant Joan d’Alacant to receive the fourth dose against coronavirus (second in memory) and the flu shot. These clinics have opened for vaccinate freely from 9:00 to 13:00 and then increase the number of people vaccinated as protective measure before Christmas holidays and gatherings, whether they were patients of those health departments or not.

Vaccination was “according to the patient”, some came for covid and others due to flu. “You have to prevent it because certain dates are coming and it’s better to be protected, that’s why I’ll get vaccinated for both”pointed out a user of theClinic in via Gerona in Alicante. However, other patients also came to this health center seeking both vaccines the vast majority of under-60s have opted for the coronavirus booster vaccine. “It was about time, we discovered through an SMS from Healthcare and through the media that this option existed and the truth is that we didn’t want to let it go, I’ve been wanting to wear it for a long time“, assured a patient from the same center who came this morning to be vaccinated.

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A patient receiving the vaccine at the Cabo de las Huertas health center Alex Dominguez

at the health center Chief of Orchards Many people also approached, over and under 60, among them were people who went for both vaccines and some for just one. “I came to get a dose of the flu, I was warned for a few months and I let it go but with this day I was encouraged”, indicated one of the outpatients. “From 9:00 to 11:00 more than 100 people came to get vaccinated, some want both but what we are giving the most is the covid booster vaccine“, highlighted one of the employees who was at the door to assist patients who came to be vaccinated at St John beach.

The opening up of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination to all population groups is new after the Public Health Commissionin which the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities are represented, approve thursday that people under 60 without risk factors, and provided there are no contraindications, can be vaccinated with the fourth dose against covid-19.

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Queue at the Cabo de las Huertas health center to receive flu and covid vaccines Lidia Ferrandiz

With this new vaccine schedule update, people under 60 who want to get their second vaccine booster, which until now it was only intended to older than that age, they can wear it for any reason, For instance travel, work or live with people in risky conditions. This in fact means that the vaccine will be given to “all those who request it”, say health sources. The general directors of public health of the Ministry of Health and the communities believe this there are no contraindications for them to receive it and there is also the availability of vaccines.

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A user of the Cabo de las Huertas health center receives one of the vaccines during the open day this Saturday Alex Dominguez

On this open day was vaccinated from 9:00 to 13:30 in Santa Faz-City Hall health centers; Provincial Hospital; Cabo de las Huertas; Via Gerona clinic; Juan XXIII Health Center in Alicante; and health centers in El Campello, Xixona, Mutxamel and Sant Joan d’Alacant. Even in the Marina Alta, different vaccinedromes. After the queues and the success of Benidorm, with more than a thousand punctures a day, the campaign is transferred to the health center of l’Almàssera de Tonda, in The Joyful Villa, where you will be vaccinated without an appointment on 19, 20, 21 and 22, from 15 to 20:30; as well as December 23 and 30, from 9:00 to 14:00.

From the Ministry of Health they point it out you can request the fourth dose in health centers as long as there are no contraindications, for example less than four months have passed since the previous booster; or less than five months after covid-19 infection, among other conditions marked in the vaccination strategy. however, the The main message from the Public Health Commission focuses on the risk groups, those who have been called again to inject the fourth dose, i.e. vulnerable people such as the over-60s, residents of residences, children under 60 with risk factors and immunosuppressed, and healthcare personnel.

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Queue at the Sant Joan d’Alacant health center to receive flu and covid vaccines Alex Dominguez

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