Promotion of women’s skills, education, training: The Bénianh International Foundation announces several actions

Alain Aboa, interim president of the Benianh International Foundation, presented the activity program for the year (Dr)

The Bénianh International Foundation launched its activities for fiscal year 2021. It was March 24, at its headquarters in Abidjan-Plateau. This year, which marks the 25th anniversary of this organization, will be rich in impact actions, to say the least. The organization intends to strengthen its action in the fields of education, youth training and the enhancement of women’s skills. In terms of enhancing women’s skills, the iconic Women’s Leadership program will be rolled out throughout the year. “This program is part of the activities we carry out with student associations in Côte d’Ivoire, and reflects our desire to mobilize our partner companies to contribute to the enhancement of female skills in universities and higher education”, explained Alain Aboa, interim president of the foundation.

This year is the 2nd edition of this program which will see the participation of active students in associations. According to Alain Aboa, the program will last three months and will consist of conferences, workshops, business immersion days and the conduct of community projects by and for the benefit of the participants.

With regard to education, explained Alain Aboa, the foundation’s action will be guided by its program ” Acting for education ”, which positions it more and more as a strategic player in education in the national plan. Within the framework of this program, the foundation will help companies in the implementation of projects in the field of education.

Alongside these two flagship programs, Benianh International intends to continue its program of offering excellence scholarships to the best pupils and students, as well as its professional masters class and capacity building webinars for the benefit of students.



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