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Promises and Plans: The New Mayor of Sofia’s Vision for the Capital

I cannot tell the PP what to do at the national level, commented the new mayor of Sofia
A chatbot will answer the questions of residents of the capital

There will be no cleaning in the Metropolitan Municipality. This was promised by the new mayor of the capital, Vasil Terziev. During a business forum on Tuesday, he explained that it will be checked who works and how much, but reassured the officials in the municipality in advance.

“We come with the idea of ​​giving everyone a chance to show what they are good at,” explained Terziev. He promised that he would work for a digitized municipality, and a chatbot would answer the questions of the citizens of Sofia.

“I certainly cannot tell “We continue the change” what to do at the national level. We will look for solutions at the local level to protect the interests of the people of Sofia”, answered the mayor when asked if he was worried about the strained relations between the party that nominated him and GERB and how he would advise the PP to act in this situation.

According to him, he will negotiate with all formations about the work of the Municipal Council. For now, however, the format of the talks is not clear. “I will participate, Boris Bonev too. The aim is to see where the points of intersection are and what policies can be agreed upon. It is important for us that it is clear what the policies are and that certain principles are not violated”, commented Terziev.

Regarding the intention of Vanya Grigorova and her team to challenge the results of the local elections, he stated that many of the outrages were to his detriment. “Sections, where I have 120 votes, write 0. Others, where I have 84, again 0. In some sections, the results are reversed, where I have more votes than Mrs. Grigorova,” explained Terziev.

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