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President Rumen Radev Reviews Changes to Gambling Law Amid Controversy

It is not yet clear when the changes will take effect

The president’s legal team is reviewing the changes that have been adopted to the Gambling Law to get an opinion on whether or not to ban them. President Rumen Radev announced this on Monday. He added that

hastily statute it does not always lead to the desired result

With the changes in the law, the deputies banned gambling advertising in all media. The ban will come into effect 3 days after the publication of the new texts in the Law on Gambling. However, it is not yet clear when this will happen, as the president has not signed the order to publish the changes in the “State Gazette”.

The decision to ban gambling advertising came despite claims from media industry groups and gambling operators that this would lead to an increase in illegal betting. There are similar examples in many countries with severe restrictions.

The largest employers’ group KRIB also spoke out against the ban. Sports federations were also against it, as they would lose real funding. Before the final vote, 22 opinions were sent to the parliament from different groups, who reasonably expressed their concerns and asked to consider the changes.

There is an exception for advertising only for the lottery, because it is necessary to distribute its benefits to sports and culture. Advertising can also be on billboards located at a distance of not less than 300 meters from schools, kindergartens, universities, on gambling halls themselves, as well as sports facilities and equipment, except for children. These advertisements must include a statement that there is a risk of developing addiction in gambling and that it is prohibited for people under 18 years of age.

Illegal gambling advertising is monitored by the Electronic Media Council. He will hand over the cases to the National Narcotics Agency, which will apply the prescribed sanctions and

stop and sites where there are ads

And the sanctions are from BGN 30,000 to BGN 50,000 for the operator of gambling games, and for those who publish, broadcast or distribute it – from BGN 10,000 to BGN 30,000

The deputies decided not to open gambling halls in towns with less than 10,000 people. This ban will take effect in 3 years according to data from the Ministry of Finance, 104 gambling halls will be closed with the new requirement. Transfers to online betting accounts by under 18s with postal records and vouchers are also prohibited.

Anyone who voluntarily entered the list of gambling addicts and who does not have the right to visit gambling halls, can deregister no earlier than one month after the inclusion. In addition to the administrative penalty for owners who allow slaves in the halls, the license is revoked for the third offense.

People will not be allowed gambling privileges. There will also be a rule that determines how long sites can be played and limit losses.

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