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Pre-release version of iOS 14 appeared: Update could turn homescreen upside down

A pre-release version of Apple’s next iOS 14 operating system provides insights into possible innovations. Particularly striking: Apple could soon display the apps on the homescreen as a list.

The internet portal 9to5mac.com claims to have an early version of the next AppleOperating system and get a thorough analysis. There was a whole series of interesting information in the still unfinished software.

List view for the homescreen

Perhaps the most notable innovation: the homescreen – the main surface of iPhone and iPad – Obviously receives an overview page. All apps should be displayed there in a sortable list.

What might sound trivial to Android users would be for iOS-User a remarkable change: Currently, users can only view all their apps on the homescreen themselves or in the search. If you cannot remember the exact name of the application, you often have to scroll through several view pages of the homescreen.

According to 9to5mac, the new list view can be sorted or filtered according to different criteria. For example, for apps that show unread hint bubbles.

In addition, iPads should be able to be operated much better by mouse in the future. In principle, this is already possible today, but there are currently no classic mouse pointers. They are apparently retrofitted with iOS 14 – just like the extensive support for control gestures – for example for an upcoming iPad keyboard with trackpad.

Details about new Apple devices

In addition, there are references to various more or less well-known devices in the iOS version: For example, the experts at 9to5mac found information about the camera system of the next iPad Pro: This should be designed as a triple model and in addition to wide-angle ultra-wide angle and telephoto lens also have a time-of-flight sensor – it is responsible for the depth perception of photo motifs.

Also the upcoming iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 is mentioned in the code, as is a new Apple TV box with a new remote control.

Also new: In the early iOS version there is an icon for a pair of large Apple headphones. They are supposed to offer functions similar to the AirPods, but they are designed as full, large headphones. The fact that the icon can be found in white and dark gray leads 9to5mac to the fact that Apple actually wants to offer its upcoming headphones in two colors.

Augmented reality app

There are also references to an AR app. AR is short for Augmented reality, so augmented reality. Data is superimposed on the real image of the cell phone camera. It would be conceivable, for example, that users in the Apple store point their iPhone camera at a product and then additional information such as price and technical data is displayed in the viewfinder image.

Since the version of iOS 14 examined by 9to5mac is an extremely early software version, it is quite possible that some functions will be deleted in the coming weeks.

Apple typically presents its new operating system at its in-house developer conference WWDC in June before. At the latest afterwards, there should be more clarity about the most important new functions of iOS 14.

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