Apple cancels development of the fourth generation iPhone SE

The fourth generation iPhone SE is expected to be Apple’s internal 5G modem REPUBLIC.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Apple has reportedly canceled development iPhone SE new. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company recently notified suppliers that it will not be releasing a fourth-generation SE model in 2024. Reported by EngadgetSunday (8/1/2023), in a post medium which […]

Apple is reportedly canceling the release of the 4th generation iPhone SE, Jakarta – Apple fans probably won’t see the launch iPhone SE 2024. This is according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from a source in Apple’s supply chain. On Friday, Kuo published a blog post asking Apple to cancel production and shipping plans Fourth generation iPhone SE. Kuo predicted last month that the iPhone SE gen […]

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a top of the line flagship! The “New York Times” selects 6 cell phones of the year 2022 in the Free Electronic News 3C Technology list

On the left is the 6.3-inch dual-lens Pixel 7, the camera frame is made of matte aluminum alloy; on the right is the 6.7-inch triple-lens Pixel 7 Pro, the camera frame is made of high-gloss aluminum alloy. (Photo/photographed by reporter Liu Huiqin) The New York Times consumer choice website“Nippers”It was announced a few days ago […]

Latest iPhone SE, iPhone XR, iPhone 13 Pro Max prices August 2022

Jakarta – iPhone not only ogled because of its advanced features and specs but also because it can be a status symbol. No wonder old iPhones like iPhone SE and iPhone XR still much sought after because the price would have been much cheaper, while the sultans were eyeing iPhone 13 Pro Max because of […]