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Political Turmoil in Bulgaria: The Battle for Leadership and Promises Made and Broken

Terziev, Bonev and company are mayors thanks to us. I say “mayors” because it is not yet known who is mayor between the two of them, he pointed out

Crisis in the parliament – this is how GERB leader Boyko Borisov briefly described the situation with the election of the governor and deputy governor of the National Health Insurance Fund. He also said that he accepted Kiril Petkov’s proposal on trust. For this reason, he also refused a meeting with Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov at the suggestion of Maria Gabriel and preferred a leadership meeting.

The Party of Change does not keep its word. This was stated by the leader of GERB in Sliven to the Youth Organization of the party.

“They dislocated themselves and even though the vote passed, it didn’t turn out pretty. It turned out that such a management formula should work. I even want to comment on their arguments. It came out in the media that it was as if Nikolay Denkov came and forced himself on us . That was the suggestion from the news. This is not true. Only I can argue with GERB, and no one can argue with me,” Borisov was categorical.

“The truth is that Maria Gabriel wrote to me that she and Denkov wanted to see me. I told them, “No, I will see Asen Vasilev and Hristo Ivanov”. That’s what I said, we met at 10 o’clock, we talked for an hour or so, I asked myself my questions, Asen Vassilev was correct, we went out together, we told the media that we were resigning both (note of the manager and deputy manager of the NHIF), we are taking a step back in order to work constructively for the next regulator elections,” Borisov also said. I later found out about their statements.

“How can our vice-governor do swindle under these few hats? How is he going to do something that his boss won’t understand – health care, finance?” Borisov asked.

According to him, there is no logical explanation from the partners in the management why he should withdraw the deputy manager of the Health Fund.

He was adamant that he works well with Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov.

“I work well with him, he was my deputy minister. The process we did was successful, but it was between me, Asen Vasilev and Hristo Ivanov, I want you to know that,” he emphasized.

Borisov commented to the youth and the problems in the Metropolitan Municipal Council. “When I was your age, I rebelled. And democracy gives a rare chance to those who, with heart, soul and mind, wanted to change, not to laugh at the word “change”.

The leader of GERB also recalled the beginning of his political career – they took a photo of “24 Chasa”, on which they wrote “General change”. “Good thing they didn’t ask us for money for it. We didn’t have any funding,” he described his first steps in politics.

There was a law – a mayor cannot be a party leader. Because I rebelled and alone, without a party, without an organization, became the mayor of Sofia. Out of 61 municipal councilors. I hear the cries of the newly chosen. Terziev, Bonev and company are mayors thanks to us. I say “mayors” because it is not yet known who is the mayor between the two of them,” said the GERB leader. When I rebelled 20 years ago, there was a powerful communist party, Borisov also said.

People trust us because we keep our promises, he added.

Desislava Taneva, regional coordinator of GERB-Sliven, Stefan Radev, mayor of Sliven and Asim Ademov, member of the European Parliament from the EPP/GERB group, will also make speeches. Among the main topics of the forum are innovation, agriculture, local government and budget policies. Speakers will be Delyan Dobrev, chairman of the energy commission in the National Assembly and Kalin Kamenov, mayor of Vratsa.

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