Pilu 9 Year Old Boy Killed Stabbed When Bela Mother Is Raped

East Aceh

The sad story comes from East Aceh, Aceh. A 9-year-old child defends the mother who wants to raped. Unfortunately, that boy was hacked into perpetrators until found dead.

The poor boy with the initials R. On Friday (9/10) night, R and his mother were at their house. The victim’s husband is not at home.

Suddenly, the perpetrator, S, sneaks into the victim’s house and tries to rape the victim. R caught the action so that the boy prevented it.

Viciously, the perpetrator cut R and then raped the victim. After the incident, the perpetrator fled and took away the injured R.

“We arrested the perpetrator this morning around 9 o’clock,” said Bireum Bayen Police Chief, Iptu Eko Hardianto, when confirmed by reporters on Sunday (11/10/2020).

The search for perpetrator S also involved residents and soldiers. When captured, S wielded the samurai.

“We caught the perpetrator while hiding in the forest. The location is still in the village, about one kilometer from the location of the incident,” said Eko.

When S was arrested, boy R was not found with him. S also kept his mouth shut about the poor boy’s whereabouts.


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