Cool Seken: Repair Costs and Prices for Nissan X-Trail T31 Foot Parts at Specialist Workshops, Starting at IDR 75,000 Sob!

GridOto.comNissan X-Trail T31 used alerts from 2009 to 2011, now can be purchased with a budget of IDR 100 million on the market.

As a Medium SUV, Nissan X-Trail T31 still capable of driving because the suspension is quite comfortable and the appearance is not out of date.

In addition, the 2,000 cc and 2,500 cc engines Nissan X-Trail T31 also known to be wayward.

However, according to Ari Hidayat, Head of the Workshop Jasmin Motor BSD, Nissan specialist repair shop, X-Trail T31 users often experience complaints in the legs.

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“The complaints of the Nissan X-Trail T31 are mostly in the legs which are starting to feel uncomfortable. But this problem is a fair calculation because the car is more than 9 years old,” Ari opened to, Friday (9/10/2020).

He said, the shock absorber and the bosh arm were components of the Nissan X-Trail T31 legs that were often repaired.

“If it is damaged, Sokbreker can replace the original one, but to replace other components such as a bosh arm and a bosh member, one set and a lower arm at the official Nissan repair shop, the price for a bosh 1 set can be Rp. Rp. 6 million, “said Ari.

“But if you do not need to replace a set in the workshop, because the unit can be repaired with good quality aftermarket parts because we have also tried the durability,” he continued.

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