Ulama in Aceh Ask PUBG Players to be Caned All

KOMPAS.com-Chairman of the District Ulama Consultative Council (MPU) Aceh Barat, Teungku Abdurrani Adian, emphasized that every online game player Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds ( PUBG) and the like which contains elements of violence or war, deserves to be publicly flogged. Player video game is considered as violators of Islamic law in Aceh. “So it is very […]

Rangga and his mother did not know the recidivist killer, they often scolded him

Field – Rangga (9) and his mother, DA (28), are said to be unaware that Samsul Bahri (41) is recidivist case murder. He mentioned the house occupied by DA and Rangga near the house where Samsul lived. “It should be there, the local residents are me-warning that, ‘This man once killed’. Let there be anxious […]

The Bug Boy Killer Who Prevented Mother Being Raped to Death in the Cell!

Banda Aceh – Samsul Bahri (41), murderer Rangga (9) who prevented her mother DA (28) from being raped, died in the detention cell. Samsul died when he was about to be taken to the hospital. “Last night around 12 o’clock he died in the cell room,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Langsa Police, […]

Irwandi Yusuf, the ‘Lion of Aceh’ who was fired by President Jokowi

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – President Joko Widodo as of today, Thursday (15/10), has officially dismissed Irwandi Yusuf from his position as Governor of Aceh 2017-2022. Jokowi fired Irawandi after being named a suspect in a criminal case corruption in 2018 ago, Irwandi was convicted in the case of corruption in the Aceh Special Autonomy Fund […]

Pilu 9 Year Old Boy Killed Stabbed When Bela Mother Is Raped

East Aceh – The sad story comes from East Aceh, Aceh. A 9-year-old child defends the mother who wants to raped. Unfortunately, that boy was hacked into perpetrators until found dead. The poor boy with the initials R. On Friday (9/10) night, R and his mother were at their house. The victim’s husband is not […]

The majority of Corona Patients Died in Comorbid Aceh: Hypertension to Kidneys

“We must intervene in reducing the mortality rate by making a correct operational definition, dying from Covid-19 or because of comorbidities in accordance with the guidelines from WHO, as well as BPJS Health support in filing claims for the cost of death for patients accompanied by COVID-19,” he said. quoted from page kemenkes.go.id. .