Polantas in North Sumatra who beat residents removed!

Jakarta – Deli Serdang Police, North Sumatra (North Sumatra), removed the position of traffic police officer (polantas) Aipad Gonzalves, because hit a citizen to the ground. The action of the police hitting the residents went viral on social media (medsos). “He has been removed as a member of the Deli Serdang Satlantas Polresta,” said Deli […]

Aipda Roni’s heinous action kills 2 women which ends in death sentence

Medan – A police officer at the Belawan Harbor Police, Aipda Roni Syahputra, was sentenced to death. He was found guilty of committing murder viciously plotting against two women. Roni’s murder case was revealed after the discovery of two dead women. One woman was found in Medan and another in Serdang Bedagai (Sergai). The discovery […]

Viral HKBP Balige Hospital Destroyed-Nakes Persecuted, Perpetrators Arrested!

Medan – A video showing the commotion ending destruction at HKBP Balige Hospital, North Sumatra (North Sumatra), viral on social media (social media). The police intervened and arrested the culprit. View detik.com on Tuesday (12/10/2021), in the video, a number of young men came to the reception of the hospital. At first the men were […]

Viral Preman Extortion of Security Money in Jambi, Shocking Facts

Jambi – Video shows a man asking a truck driver for security money in Jambi viral on social media. What are the real facts? View detik.com, Tuesday (12/10/2021), in the viral video, a man in a red shirt using a white motorcycle stops in front of a truck. The man on the motorbike then knocked […]

14 Students Arrested by BNN during a raid on USU’s FCS Campus to be suspended

Jakarta – University of Northern Sumatra (BELIEVE) took firm steps against the 14 active students who were arrested BNN during a drug raid on the FIB Campus. USU will suspend the students involved for 6 months. “Students who are active (14 people) and declared as users will be rehabilitated. After students undergo rehabilitation, the students […]