Husband in Padang Flushes Wife with Hot Oil of Gegara Tik-Tok

Padang – A husband on Padang, West Sumatra desperate to water his wife with hot oil. The person concerned is angry because his wife is always playing the Tik-Tok application. A woman named Elda Yurianti came to the Padang Police with blisters on her face and wrists, Thursday (5/11/2020). She complained about her husband’s behavior, […]

Stupid Facts 2 TNI Soldiers Beaten by Members of the Harley Arrogant Club

Jakarta – Video showing 2 TNI members becoming victims beatings the Harley-Davidson club entourage went viral on social media (medsos). Here is the case. The beating incident began when the big motorcycle club (I can) it was a convoy in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra (West Sumatra). There are several videos circulating on social media related to […]

The mystery of 100 tons of fish died suddenly in Lake Toba was revealed

Jakarta – Mystery 100 tons The fish died suddenly of floating cages of Lake Toba finally exposed. Fish it was thought to have died from strong winds that caused the water to swirl under the lake. Information about the death of the fish raised by the residents is a concern Samosir Regency Government. The team […]

Rangga and his mother did not know the recidivist killer, they often scolded him

Field – Rangga (9) and his mother, DA (28), are said to be unaware that Samsul Bahri (41) is recidivist case murder. He mentioned the house occupied by DA and Rangga near the house where Samsul lived. “It should be there, the local residents are me-warning that, ‘This man once killed’. Let there be anxious […]

Chronology of Insect Killers Who Prevent Mother Being Raped to Death in the Cell

Banda Aceh – Samsul Bahri (41), murderer Rangga (9), the boy who prevented his mother DA (28) from being raped died in the detention cell. The recidivist allegedly died from suffocation. “Last night at around 23.30 WIB the suspect again complained of tightness,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Langsa Police, Iptu, Arief […]

The Bug Boy Killer Who Prevented Mother Being Raped to Death in the Cell!

Banda Aceh – Samsul Bahri (41), murderer Rangga (9) who prevented her mother DA (28) from being raped, died in the detention cell. Samsul died when he was about to be taken to the hospital. “Last night around 12 o’clock he died in the cell room,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Langsa Police, […]

Pilu 9 Year Old Boy Killed Stabbed When Bela Mother Is Raped

East Aceh – The sad story comes from East Aceh, Aceh. A 9-year-old child defends the mother who wants to raped. Unfortunately, that boy was hacked into perpetrators until found dead. The poor boy with the initials R. On Friday (9/10) night, R and his mother were at their house. The victim’s husband is not […]