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As the provision that prohibits the entry of unvaccinated people into any enclosed area comes into effect on Monday, there is still time for the government to offer options or facilities to those who need them.

An alternative would be to establish fixed or mobile units at the doors of public offices, shopping centers, industrial areas, bus stations, metro or cable car, among others, for those who voluntarily accept inoculation.

Neither the economy nor the ordinary life of the cities should be altered by such a drastic restriction as that of leaving thousands of people out of their jobs or places of public service who, for one reason or another, have not been able to be vaccinated against the Covid.

Many have not done it simply because they do not feel like it or do not believe in the preventive or protective value of vaccines, others because they have not found time to go to the established positions or because they have been distant from their residences.

Rather than strong restrictions that are sure to meet resistance or be susceptible to violations or non-compliance, the best strategy against the virus is persuasion, guidance, explicit and convincing messages, and, of course, facilitation of the process.

Fortunately, the vaccination centers are already registering large flows of people who are vaccinated for the first, second or third time, which shows that society is raising awareness of the usefulness of the vaccine and the severity of the pandemic.

With the fixed or mobile posts that we suggest opening in different centers of large concentration of people, we can continue to advance in this crucial fight for the health and survival of citizens in these dire times.



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