Tears of joy and relief in New York saying “goodbye” to Trump

Crying with excitement, with shouts of joy, honking horns and banging pans, New Yorkers on Saturday celebrated the defeat of Donald Trump in this Democratic stronghold that never considered the former real estate mogul a prodigal son. Minutes after the announcement, thousands crowded in front of the Trump Tower in the heart of Manhattan, in […]

Twitter marks as “disputed” a tweet from Trump declaring himself the winner

Twitter marked this Saturday as “disputed” a tweet by the US President, Donald Trump, in which he declared himself the winner of the presidential elections, when the country’s main media have already projected the victory of his rival, Democrat Joe Biden. In his message, the president also continues the accusations from previous days according to […]

The day America stopped trusting itself

Armored stores, postal service vans depositing ballots at the last minute, a slow and heart-stopping count with the candidates sending messages without knowing the winner … Anxiety and catastrophism took hold this Tuesday of the electoral day in a country that lost the faith in himself. The polarization of American society, in a year marked […]

Trump and Biden score wins but lack of conflicting states

Voting centers began to close across the country Tuesday night as President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden concluded an epic campaign that will influence how the country grapples with a pandemic and basic questions about the economy and the economy. racial justice. The night started with predictable wins for both candidates. Trump took states […]

US elections will define the course of the world and the pandemic

After a year of profound disturbances, the United States is preparing to hold a presidential election that will give its verdict on the country’s role in the world and the direction of its economy, its will to contain an escalating pandemic and its ability to face the systemic racism. But the two contenders, President Donald […]

Bulletproof … and scary

No matter how much they have tried to annihilate or mediate it, press freedom continues to prevail against all odds in Latin America, a victory that responsible journalism has achieved at a high price. More than 500 journalists have been assassinated in this hemisphere in the last twenty years, dozens of print or digital media […]

Seizes 2 Tons of Cocaine in Puerto Rico; four Dominicans among the detainees

US federal authorities seized nearly 2 tons of cocaine and 28 kilograms of amphetamines off the coast of Puerto Rico, in operations in which six suspected smugglers were arrested. The US Coast Guard reported this Saturday through a statement that the seized narcotics they would reach a value close to 48 million dollars on the […]

Out of 100 couples 80 separate due to financial problems

The data is surprising but the reality is that the economic issue is vital for the proper functioning of any project, but especially of a couple, no matter their level or social condition. The psychologist, economist and family therapist, Joaquín Disla, revealed that an investigation carried out in the United States in 2019 determined that […]

Estrella clarifies it went through “rigorous audits”

Ingeniería Estrella defended last night the transaction of 1.1 million dollars that it executed to the Nashville Financial company for payment of services provided in studies and designs at the time of construction of the Corredor Duarte I contract. Estrella responded to an investigative work issued by journalist Alicia Ortega in her Monday Report, where […]