Noldin memorial service: “Don’t just stand for your own identity in times of crisis”

Josef Noldin, born in Salurn in 1888, was a lawyer and organizer of the forbidden catacomb schools in South Tyrol during the time of fascism.

After being exiled to the island of Lipari by the fascist rulers, he died in Bolzano in December 1929. In the hot climate of Lipari he was infected with a malaria-like fever, the Italian authorities had refused to allow him to leave for medical treatment. He was buried in Salurn.

Tradition gives our country an impetus for the future

At this year’s commemoration, the Salurn rifle captain Arno Mall gave his traditional address. He responded to the official requests to speak on 100 years of South Tyrol’s membership in Italy. “If, as left historians have often described, tradition is portrayed as looking backwards, then that is unmasking. After all, it is precisely tradition and its representatives that have given our country the impetus for the future in recent years, ”says Mall.

Remedy the standstill situation

The commemorative speaker, South Tyrolean regional commander Jürgen Wirth Anderlan, whose family has Salurnian roots, hooked up exactly here. In the course of the crisis, he was often contacted by compatriots who appealed to the shooters to remedy the current situation of the standstill. While the defenders of autonomy would currently have hidden in the country house cellars “to find the first proof that our autonomy is worth more than a ‘chanterelle'”, Wirth called Anderlan accordingly, not only in times of crisis Confess your own identity and act accordingly.

The memorial ceremony ended with the laying of the wreath at the grave of Josef Noldin, which was carried out by the commemorative speaker, State Commander Jürgen Wirth Anderlan and Roland Lazzeri, Mayor of Salurn.



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