Twitter: Tweets should soon no longer disappear from view while reading

Twitter plans to get a long-standing complaint out of the way. It is currently the case that tweets repeatedly disappear from view while reading and slide up in the timeline. This happens most often when a lot of people are adding replies to a conversation – but also when updating the timeline. Especially in heated […]

“People need music, dance, literature and art again!”

The pandemic-related restrictions are currently being relaxed step by step: In one area, however, there is still great uncertainty – the activity of street artists falls into a legal gray area, says Team K and calls for clear provisions for these cultural workers as well. This unclear situation makes the work of the musicians, who […]

Link contributions to language skills – UnserTirol24

Immigrants who come to South Tyrol often do not speak either of the two national languages. “Language is the key to integration”, emphasizes the South Tyrolean Freedom in a broadcast and demands that the granting of contributions and benefits be linked to the command of both national languages. The “Regional Development Strategy” is intended to […]

Twitter Trials In-App Shopping Feature – Twitter is testing the feature shopping in application. This feature allows users to directly purchase the products displayed on timeline Twitter. Trials this was first discovered by social media consultant Matt Navara. Through uploading his tweet, he shows the difference before and after the feature. “This new Twitter card is being tested for […]

Rayong finds 3 more COVID-infected cases with timeline open to risk points

Rayong finds 3 new cases of COVID infected through proactive detection And no symptoms Initially detained all close contacts. situationPeople infected with COVID-19, Rayong Province As of February 14, 2021, 3 new cases of the infection were found, including 584 cumulative cases, 579 cases of cured and returned home patients. There were 40,772 operations in […]