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No wonder banana tree trunks are priced at fantastic prices in America, their health benefits are no joke – all pages

No wonder Banana Tree Trunks Priced at fantastic prices in America, the health benefits are no joke

Sajiansedap.com – Banana tree or what people call the island of Java Goat book, it turns out to be an expensive item at United States of America.

Of United States of America banana tree trunk cut into small pieces, then packed with plastic and sold in supermarkets.

For 1 plastic wrap banana tree trunk at the convenience store there, it can cost as much as $ 5.95 or Rp. 85 thousand.

Of course this is very different from di Indonesia.

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Banana trees that no longer bear fruit are usually cut down or thrown away.

The Indonesian people don’t seem to know much about the many benefits of banana tree trunks.

In fact, the nutritional content of the banana tree trunk is as much as the fruit itself.

Here’s the discussion.

1. Detoxify the digestive system

Banana tree trunk juice can help flush out toxins from the body.

This natural ingredient is very effective in cleansing the digestive system that causes disease.

Because this banana tree juice helps contain good fiber which can facilitate bowel movements (BAB).

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2. Control cholesterol and blood pressure

Banana tree trunk juice is also rich in vitamin B6 and iron which can increase the amount of human hemglobin.

In addition, this drink is also enriched with potassium which is effective in controlling cholesterol and high blood pressure.

3. Stabilize blood sugar

Banana plant stems have a low glycemic content.

That is, if consumed, this banana tree trunk can prevent spikes in blood sugar.

For this reason, banana tree trunks are often used as a mixture of diabetes herbal herbs.

4. Treating infection

Banana plant stems are very rich in potassium and vitamins. This content is what makes the stems of this plant able to treat infections.

One type of infection that can be treated through banana tree juice is a urinary tract infection or UTI.

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Viral banana tree trunks or so-called gedebog bananas are sold for around 85 thousand rupiah in American supermarkets

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5. Lose weight

Banana tree trunk juice which contains fiber also slows down the release of sugar and fat in the cells of the human body.

As a result, this banana tree trunk can increase the body’s metabolism.

The calorie content also won’t make you gain weight drastically.

How to cultivate a gedebog or banana tree trunk

For processing drinks gedebog or pisanng tree trunks can be juice.

How to make it the same as making fruit or vegetable juice usually.

Banana stalks are first cut into small pieces, then add water and mash. Ready to drink.

Banana stem juice is useful for regulating insulin in the body.

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This process can function to treat diabetes.

Besides that, it can also provide a longer full effect.

Come on, try it, Saselovers!

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