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New York Department of Consumer Protection Offers Tips for Holiday Returns and Refunds

After the Christmas celebration, many prepare to return items.

For this reason, the New York Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) on Wednesday reminded the state’s laws that protect consumers so they can make informed decisions about holiday returns. To avoid surprises, DCP recommends that consumers carefully review and understand what to look for when reviewing return and refund policies.

“Consumer spending this holiday season hit an all-time high, which could mean the number of returns made will also be high,” said New York Secretary of State Robert J. Rodriguez. “The last thing you want is to purchase an item and realize you can’t return it because a receipt is missing or it’s outside the return window, so I urge New Yorkers to follow these tips to ensure you can get your money back. if you change your mind about a purchase.”

During the holidays, those who give and receive gifts often change their minds. This year’s holiday weekend, from Thanksgiving to Cyber ​​Monday, set record levels for consumer spending, indicating that shopping shows no signs of slowing down according to the National Retail Federation.

The increase may lead to more refunds and returns this holiday season. Here are some tips from the DCP:

  • Pay attention to the return policies: New York State law requires retailers to clearly post their return and refund policies to inform consumers before the transaction is completed. Retailers must provide a written copy of the store’s returns policy upon request.
  • New York State Law Does Not Require Retailers to Accept Returns: However, they must post a notice visible to consumers before the point of sale informing them that returns will not be accepted.
  • If the retailer does not publish a return policy– The retailer is required by law to accept returns of unused and undamaged merchandise within 30 days of the purchase date. The returned item must include proof of purchase and the refund must be made in cash or credit depending on the customer’s preference.
  • Understand the refund terms: For retailers that allow returns, New York State law does not require refunds to be made in any specific way. However, it does require that the form of refund (cash, credit, or exchange) be clearly disclosed prior to purchase. Retailers must also disclose any fees associated with the return. If no fee is listed, customers should ask if the store imposes a restocking fee on returned merchandise and determine before purchase if the item can be returned for a refund or store credit only.
  • Keep all proof of purchase– Consumers should retain receipts in case a product needs to be returned. If you purchase gifts, ask if a gift receipt is available.

How to file a complaint if I encounter difficulty receiving a refund

Consumers who are having difficulty obtaining a refund are encouraged to file a complaint before the New York State Division of Consumer Protection.

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