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New Abanilla Health Center Welcomes Vaccinations for Flu and Covid Without Appointments – Health Minister’s Visit

Starting this Friday, January 12, vaccination against flu and covid can be requested in all health centers and offices in the Region of Murcia, without the need for an appointment. “We want to promote vaccination and encourage those who have not yet done so to get immunized against these viruses,” said Health Minister Juan José Pedreño this Wednesday, adding that “being protected against these respiratory infections, which are the more common, avoids more serious complications.

Pedreño announced this new measure during his visit to the construction of the new Abanilla health center, which is progressing at a good pace, once the closure phase is completed. The floor is currently being installed and the center is expected to open at the end of this year.

The old building had a constructed area of ​​963 square meters, while the new one will have 2,767 meters, so its surface area is practically tripled. The municipality will thus have a center distributed over two floors, which will provide assistance to more than 6,000 residents with a health card.

The counselor, Juan José Pedreño, checked the progress of the center’s works accompanied by the mayor of Abanilla, José Antonio Blasco, and recalled that the investment of the Autonomous Community in this new primary care center is 4.5 million euros. With it, “the regional government’s commitment to improving Primary Care is responded to,” he noted. This action is part of a complete plan to improve primary care health infrastructure as a fundamental part of the improvement strategy at this level.

Visit of the Health Minister to the works of the new Abanilla health center. CARM

With this new infrastructure, the residents of Abanilla, as well as the professionals, “will have modern facilities where the entire primary care care program can be developed without restrictions under the appropriate conditions,” said the counselor.

The new center is located on the same site where the old one was located. While the construction of the building is carried out, assistance is provided in temporary facilities that have all the comfort and quality measures. The new building intended for Primary Care will have an extraction room, a nursing office for cures and another for special techniques and observation on the ground floor, along with the reception and administration area.

In addition, the Pediatrics area will be located with a consultation for the specialist doctor, a pediatric nursing consultation, a breastfeeding room and another multipurpose room. There will also be an emergency area, with ample parking for an ambulance, urgent care consultations, a room for examination and a staff lounge, since the Abanilla health center is a Continuing Care Point, so it has assistance 24 hours.

On the first floor there will be four Family Medicine clinics, three Primary Care Nursing clinics, two multipurpose clinics and an office for the social worker. In addition, the women’s care area will be located with a consultation for the midwife and a multipurpose room for, for example, childbirth preparation and maternal education classes.

The new Abanilla health center is sized to serve the current population of the health area, and will have reservation consultations capable of absorbing the increase in population, demographic movements, as well as new services that may be incorporated into the portfolio of Primary Care services.

Also, it will allow the conditions in which healthcare is provided to adjust to the quality standards developed in the Region, with larger, more comfortable consultation rooms and with enough space to include the necessary equipment.

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